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Hack Oldham - Roleplay Gaming

13 February 2018

Tuesday 13 February 2018
6.30pm - 9.00pm

Hack Oldham
38-44 Yorkshire St


Roleplay Group every Tuesday and some Saturdays at Hack Oldham - Event Space.

Buckle your swashes, unsheath your D20s and get ready for an evening of roleplaying. We are proud to present the Hack Oldham Tabletop Roleplaying Group. We have one group ready and raring to go. If you are interested in creating a second group get in contact and we can make it happen.

Our Current Stories:

  • Adventure on the High Seas (Action, adventure)

Setting: Forgotten Realms (Dungeons and Dragons; 5th Edition)

Do you have what it takes to be a pirate?  Take to the high seas, plunder cargo and take on the world!  But such a life is not without risk, and in a magic of myths, magic and monsters, there is nothing so straightforward about living a life of crime on the open sea.

  • Armageddon, and other mishaps (Action, horror, accidental comedy)

Vampire the Masquerade (Modern Era).

The modern world, but not as you understand it.  The supernatural is real, and now you are a part of a world you never thought existed.  You have unwillingly been turned into a Vampire, and now must trod a thin line of obedience in order to survive.

And now an ancient cult of Egyptian vampires are trying to bring about the end of the world.  Driven by prophecy and the promise of salvation, they will stop at nothing to bring about the end of the world.  But why are they doing this?  What is their ultimate goal?  And who can stand against them?

Get your D10’s ready, because after dark the Kindred come out to play.

Contact: Hack Oldham
0161 627 2539

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