S & P Lomas Ltd
To whom it may concern,
We have been using the Oldham Evening Chronicle as our main means of advertising for over 2 years and in that time have built up a good working relationship with them.
They hold, on file, a range of 5 or 6 different adverts for us, this means we are able to be specific in the part of our business we wish to promote by choosing the most suitable advertisement.
We give them handwritten copy from which they set the adverts, therefore saving us any outside design agency costs, this also means any small amendments to existing adverts can be done swiftly.
We are totally involved in the diagnosing, servicing and repair of cars and vans along with our bodyshop facilities so being able to advertise in the dedicated Motors Sections is of great benefit to us.
Having invested heavily in our website we are keen to get people viewing it and have taken an advert on one of the

S & P Lomas Ltd