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Online advertising on the Chronicle website will enhance your brand and create awareness in the fastest growing advertising medium in the UK. You can enjoy the benefits of combining it with newspaper advertising and reach a totally different audience by advertising on www.oldham-chronicle.co.uk

We present the best of both worlds to advertisers — a traditional and well-respected newspaper audience, allied to a younger and an affluent internet audience accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Over 100,000 users access our home page month giving you a ready-made audience for your online presence.

The following display adverts are available:

Very popular. A simple but effective way of driving our readers direct to your website. A Side Button enables you to attract customers on any page on the Chronicle website. Your logo will appear on a rotational basis and will link straight through to a destination page of your choice.

Leaderboard (Large Banner at top of page)
A Leaderboard is one of the most prominent banner positions on our site. This space offers you a great way to reach our local audience and be seen first on any page on the Chronicle site.

A Banner provides you with additional branding to promote your products and services. This product offers ample space for animation, colour and can link to a destination of your choice. Top Banners can rotate with other clients and are visible across every page on the Chronicle website.

Skyscraper (Banner to right of page)
Available on every page and excellent value for money. A Skyscraper provides you with more rich content space to enable you to engage your audience.

MPU (Multi Purpose Unit: box in middle of page)
Our premium branding opportunity in a prime position on our pages. Promote your company through a rotating banner on a key position on the Chronicle website.

Whichever style of advertisement you prefer, we can design and create a visual image or a rich media animated advertisement for you at prices offering value for money and originality. 

Fill out our enquiry form below or contact our digital representative Mike Thompson on 0161 622 2176 or email: mthompson@oldham-chronicle.co.uk to discuss your requirements.

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