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Robbo vows to fight on

Reporter: Matthew Chambers
Date online: 11 January 2017

ATHLETIC'S under-fire manager Stephen Robinson stressed his desire to keep on fighting after yet another blank at Mansfield.

With chairman Simon Corney in attendance, the visitors to Field Mill failed to make the most of scoring chances and after a poor second-half showing, collapsed to a 2-0 Checkatrade Trophy defeat to make it five successive outings in which they have failed to hit the net.

Asked after the loss to League Two opponents if he wanted to carry on in the job, Robinson responded: "Of course.

"It is other people's decision whether that happens or not.

"I know what I want to do and what I'm trying to do in the transfer window once the embargo is lifted.

"We have things we want to do - but ultimately, that is not my decision."

Robinson played with a front two of Ryan McLaughlin and Darius Osei in a bid to break the scoring duck. Both had good scoring opportunities they didn't take, with McLaughlin also claiming a penalty kick late on after falling inside the box when Athletic were 1-0 down to the first of Pat Hoban's double.

"To be honest we haven't been scoring any goals and we played with two strikers. both with pace to get in behind," said Robinson, explaining the switch.

"Ryan had been very good in training all week and we haven't got strikers who are scoring goals, so you have to try something different rather than doing the same thing over and over again.

"He had chances and should have had a penalty by the looks of it. That's where we are - they went straight up the other end and scored.

"But it's not the referee's fault. Don't take chances and you won't win games.

"It was the same story again. We had five or six chances we didn't put away.

"Ryan McLaughlin was on-on-one, George Edmundson had a header, Peter Clarke had a header and Darius Osei had one cleared off the line.

"If you don't take your chances, you are going to lose games.

"Both goals were poor to concede and the second-half performance was very, very disappointing."

Lee Croft went off in the second half after suffering from a tight hamstring - he will be assessed today - and Robinson stressed the need for the registration embargo to be lifted to bring in fresh blood. That is now expected to happen in the next few days, possibly in time for the weekend.

"We have to pick ourselves up," the manager said. "We need to sign players. We need to get players in - it is crying out for that. We can all see it.

"We need players to score goals and until we do that, we are not going to win matches.

"After the second half performance a few will need to look in the mirror but ultimately, I will take the blame for it.

"People let themselves down and let me down as well with their quality.

"It was a scrappy game which we don't mind if you come out of it with a 1-0 win. But we lacked quality in the final third.

"They are a big, strong team and if you don't defend set plays or defend the back post then they are going to score."


I do feel sorry for Robinson but you begin to wonder if he is out of his depth here. I know there is no money and we are unloading players, but who can we bring in? The better ones are already on the move and we will get (if the transfer embargo is actually lifted), the leftovers just as we did in the summer. I am sure Simon Corney wants to sell, but who would want to buy this club? I cannot see any way out of this mess.

Port Vale's manager held his hands up and walked but no chance with Robinson. He's out of his depth, defensive, clueless and uninspiring. He's worse than Kelly and Dunn. Bring back Shez the dirty rat if he'll rejoin this sinking ship?

You keep fighting on Steve! It's not you who should have to face this pathetic onslaught. Where are the people who have got OAFC into this ever-deepening chasm?

i see the oldham website is asking for golden goal sellers,thats a joke ,what goals? corney out

I can understand why S.R. has to try and change things in his efforts to find a solution to the awful, awful mess that he is in. I am afraid that players like the pedestrian Josh Law, feebleness of Flynn, Green and McLaughlin plus the inexperience of others and the lack of any player capable of putting the ball in the net highlights just why this club is where it is, IN DEEP DOODOO! With what he has to play with S.R. has not a hope in hell and for all his brave words and efforts he too knows.

Following on..Scores of fans are furious with what is happening with their club and this latest shambles is also hard to digest. Perhaps if you take a step back and look at just what OAFC has become. Reformed by the 3 Amigos & seemingly back on track. Sorry, just one long litany of failure and here is why. There is OAFC. there is Brass Bank Ltd and since 2015, the Oldham Event Centre. This last named with directors, Blitz. Corney, Gazal and Kocerhan. Puzzling, Puzzling and more Puzzling. Query?

I'd like to see how Fergie would have gone on under the same conditions. I bet he wouldn't have done any better.
Mr Corney and the board get some cash out now for players and get the embargo lifted before we fall even more into the abyss.

Wow....Steve, I would not blame you if you walked. (I don,t want you to tough) If a salesman goes out and sells. Then the company do not buy the stock he has just sold (repeatedly) impacting on his earnings (win bonus) preventing him from doing his job, preventing internal promotion, negative impact on reputation. What do you think the hungry salesman would do? What is the difference? Working with your hands tied Steve! Take my hat off to you!

the person who asked steve robinson if he was staying is a disgrace. of course he should stay he has the quality but the players dont for the most part..accrington blue what an inept statement to say bring sheridan back..hes just been fired for incompetence so why should he come back here.no thanks, steve robinson for me if hes given a few quid to do something...d`gauby has it spot on

I think we are wrong blaming managers. I thought Lee Johnson was excellent. Some think Shez or Dowie would be OK and, given the budget and morale, what can we really expect from Steve Robinson? Give the guy a break.

We need to look elsewhere and two names leap to mind. Simon Corney and Barry Owen. Why aren't they defending their "under fire" manager? Why aren't they defending the good name of the club? Why aren't they saying anything?

If SR goes happy to see the appointment of Attila the Hun or Gengis Khan but not Shez.
Incidentally do we still have Director of Football at the club, if so , why?? Rather have a goal scorer.

Anybody see any silver linings?

The biggest mistake Robinson ever made was taking the job in the first place. It didn't show much nous.

By graham-walker Corney out ? you must be joking,if he goes so does Oldham Athletic, it's only Corney money keeping the club afloat

I see Mr Corney was in attendance. I wonder if he was there hoping to collect a £40,000 cheque? A wasted journey Simon! Just like the 149 faithful, only they had to pay with their own hard earned cash. Now you know what it's like to be let down. I hope you haven't got the nerve to blame this dire situation on Steve Robinson? He can only play with the cards you've dealt him!!

Accrington Blue - are you having a laugh, bring back Sheridan that's the last thing this club needs, he is the reason we are in the position we are in (if they did bring him back I would be heading the lynching party.). There is no denying that we are in a mess and it will take a miracle for us to get out of it and the blame for this lies with two people - The chairman and Sheridan not Stephen Robinson who we should backing to the hilt in the hope he can turn it around.

Well at least its saved me a few quid on Saturday, I've got better ways of spending my time and dosh than being frozen stiff and bored stiff watching a bunch of stiffs. Its gonna take a lot more than an injury prone cf with a poor goals ratio to save us and I just can't see coco corney & co delivering the necessary goods.

I don't get it - the players could have played the 2nd half for a draw to get into penalties and help win £40k - but they didn't want to play for their Manager or Club? Mansfield, like Lincoln have big, strong players - so we are afraid of them? We can't defend the back post? We can't defend against set plays? What CAN we do then - other than run about the pitch? Money is the BIG issue - lack of it unfortunately. Can we even survive League.2?

I hope the latest rumour that John Sheridan has been spoken to about coming back is correct.
He saved us last season, and we need a miracle again.
If we lose on Saturday the view is that Sheridan will be appointed after the match.

I have supported OAFC throughout the good and bad times in all 4 divisions and I have to say Steve Robinson is the most dour manager. Has anyone seen him smile or show a positive posture?
Sheridan to return? I wouldn't want that he left such a bad feeling I doubt the fans would forgive him.
Clearly Corney doesn't want to put any more money into the club neither do those fans who took the £150 knowing it was going to have a negative effect financially. We are doomed!

I'm not normally pessimistic but, barring putting new puff, true grit, knees & hips into the class of '72 how are we going to get ourselves out of this deep abyss. Ah! but maybe not a man called McIllroy may be required to assist!

Why would you want Sheridan back? He showed his true colours by jumping ship last time and look how that worked out for him. Once again the information coming out of Latics is non existent, just like the goals we score (or don't). The current squad is not up to the job but as the embargo is still on that will not change any time soon. SC PULL YOUR FINGER OUT NOW

Corney has been trying to sell for how long now? 2 or 3 years,no one wants to bye because him and his pals are so tight, that they won,t drop the price even though they would still be rich after. He would,nt even pay to have the embargo lifted a couple of weeks ago, even though he knew he would get the money back, when the football league paid latics at he end of this week.

pendle walker Sheridan brilliantly kept us up last season got wind of another reduction in team budget & skulked off, but he put us in this mess? Deluded. As you walk over a car park looking like a spaghetti western wasteland, to the still unfinished stand (longest build in history) who's revenue doesn't go to the club & watch another drab scoreless event overseen by another clueless manager, with 2,900 home fans please try & work out WHO HAS CAUSED THE DESTRUCTION OF OAFC? Clue: It ain't Shez.


Anyone not want shez needs their heads looking at. So what he left last season thats football. He didn't stitch us up he SAVED us from a lot worse position that we are in now. Bring him back, if he leaves again in 6 months so be it. Would u rather be in league 2 with your strangely high morals? would u leave a job if someone offered u better money? thats all shez did. Football is a fickle sport, u go where the cash is its a short career. Robbo is gone bring back the king SHEZ SHEZ SHEZ SHEZ

Sheridan back in charge !! One thing is for sure is if we want to stay in this division money will need to be made available - So up to you Simon & your Lord Lucan pals from across the water !! Would players come to a club like this ????? Await the next move with great interest !!

Does anybody know the real reason Sheridan left? No you don't - so give him a break and the opportunity to put things right - I'm sure he's a better communicator than Corny Corney. And for God's sake don't start talking about lynching a deserter .. the last person making threats about our Mgr had the Police to deal with and was banned !!!!


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