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High Court date

Reporter: Matthew Chambers
Date online: 20 March 2017

ATHLETIC are facing a winding-up petition that has been brought by HM Revenue and Customs for the second time inside a year, but the club are expected to pay off the liability before the court date.

The latest petition was brought at the start of March over a sum owed thought to be around £20,000 and is due to be heard in the High Court on the morning of Monday, May 8.

The matter is likely to be settled in the coming days, but the news is an unwelcome distraction for a club fighting hard against relegation from Sky Bet League One.

Athletic faced a similar petition back in June of last year that was dismissed.

Last week, Athletic issued details of 'early bird' season tickets for 2017-18 offering the reduced adult price of £300 if bought before the end of the current month.


On the pitch, the club's fight against the drop received a boost with a hard-fought point at Peterborough which brought with it knocks to centre-back Anthony Gerrard and striker Aaron Amadi-Holloway.

Amadi-Holloway looked to have overstretched and came off after 65 minutes with Tope Obadeyi taking his place and Gerrard limped off in the 82nd minute of the 1-1 draw to be replaced by Jamie Reckord.

"I think he has turned his foot," said manager John Sheridan of Gerrard's injury. "There are one or two with little knocks, but we will just have to assess them and see how they are."

Left-back Rob Hunt missed the game with a hamstring problem, but the on-loan Brighton player may be ready in time to return for Saturday's home game against the League One leaders.

"He had a scan on his hamstring and there is no tear, or if there is one it's very small," Sheridan said of Hunt. "He has a good chance of being available for Sheffield United."

The point gained at the weekend lifts Athletic one place in the table to 19th.

The game featured a terrific 11th-minute strike from Lee Erwin, a day ahead of his 22nd birthday, with the on-loan Leeds man making it four goals in as many appearances.


Sheridan, though, felt that Erwin and Amadi-Holloway were not as effective overall as they had been in the 2-1 win against Oxford four days earlier.

"It was a great ball and Lee was in a great position to give the defender a problem, peeling off towards the full-back," said Sheridan. "It was a great finish.

"But I felt my strikers didn't do what they did against Oxford. If I watch them on Tuesday they didn't look like the same pairing."

CONNOR Ripley has been named in the official Sky Bet League One team of the season.

Athletic's on-loan Middlesbrough goalkeeper has been in outstanding form this season, keeping 16 clean sheets in all competitions.

League One team of the season - Ripley (Athletic); McLaughlin (Fleetwood), Wheater (Bolton), Beevers (Bolton), Meredith (Bradford); Fleck (Sheff Utd), Oztumer (Walsall), Morris (Scunthorpe); Gregory (Millwall), Vaughan (Bury), Sharp (Sheff Utd).


No wonder the club want to give the Rochdale road end to away fans. On the pitch safety is looking secure. But off it ?

This is why we need a takeover. If reports are true the club wants 25 million we got no chance of a sale sadly.

According to a statement issued by OAFC a short time ago everything is A.O.K with the HMRC issue. So no need to worry?

I'm sure the £20k will be found in time but then worry about where the money is coming from to sign new players for next season - especially if Season Ticket sales are not forthcoming. We definitely need an influx of funds from someone who has a few quid to spare and who has connections with Oldham. Maybe it's time to merge with Rochdale AFC?

fleetoffoot`s treasonous post does him no merit...rochdale...pttttft........we need an investor yes but with what to attract them..chron13 sees us as secure in league one but his optimism is premature given the games we have left, all losable

When are people on this comments page going to get real, if you have any sense you do not pay your bills until the red letter drops through the door - I do not pay my bills on time unless there is an incentive to do so, such as a discount even though I have plenty of money in my bank accounts.
As I was never self employed I never got the chance to make The HMRC wait for their money as I was taxed at source and the Latics are not the only company that wait until the last minute to pay the bills.

Quite a bit of Lira coming in from the Blades and Trotters visits thankfully. Should keep the taxman happy for a few months. I still don't know how we are still in existence with our attendances. There must be over 50 employees on the books before you hit the players wages. Worrying.

Fleetoffoot...why would Rochdale consider a merger? Compared to Oldham, they are a well run club who always seem to have a player coming through the ranks that is sold for the right money to balance the books, I just wish we had an owner who could negotiate a better deal for the club when selling players instead of taking the first offer as a short term fix.

mikejh45; You sound too intelligent to respond to silly comments regarding mergers, posted by a certain individual on this site.

Latics have issued a club statement saying this is nonsense so let that be the end of it.
Cracking finish by Erwin! It's strange how a change of manager can cause such a transformation. I think he has already blown his chances of being retained by Leeds though.
Connor Ripley deserves the recognition and will hopefully get a chance at Middlesbrough and onto England's​ number 1.
Not sure who was responsible for his signing because without him we would be down now.

Ibby stop saying sadly. 25 million??? What hav u been smoking

The worrying thing in this piece is the selling of season tickets they get the money in but by the time we need to recruit it has all disappeared leaving the team in a mess just like this season that's no way to run the club

blue22, why attack Ibby? Did you not read his comment properly? It was not him that said 25 million. He said! IF REPORTS ARE TRUE THE CLUB WANTS 25 MILLION. I know sometimes his comments and spelling are not very good, but there is nothing wrong with that commment.

HMRC - Do they really need to apply for a Winding Up Order in order to pull in a few quid? Do they do that because they owe money themselves to the E.E.C. perhaps - but not necessarily a few quid, more like BILLIONS?

They got out of jail last season.A Perfect Fit manager and the players he brought in.I renewed my season ticket full of optimism. In a position to sell the club as an upwardly mobile proposition. Then they promptly blow it by fighting shy of backing the manager and releasing players who had done well.I felt cheated like never before. Now more by good luck than good judgement the same possibility looms again.Will they back JS and make a decent fist of it next season? I wish I could believe it.

Never ceases to amaze me how people can't wait to jump on anything that they can add or make a totally negative and destructive comment, this is OUR FOOTBALL CLUB.

Why are supposed fans determined to submit such rubbish which seriously does cause concern and alarm within the club.

THAT IS A MADE UP NUMBER???? Show me a article? I can have a opinion thanks oafc60

Blue22, you need to ask Ibby to show you a article , it was him that made the comment, not me!


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