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Latics to face Leeds in Cup

Reporter: Matthew Chambers
Date online: 27 October 2009

ATHLETIC'S home FA Cup first round clash with Leeds United has been confirmed as taking place on Saturday, November 7, with a 5.15pm kick-off.

The game will make history as the competition's first-ever tie to be streamed live, free of charge, through the FA.com website.

Both clubs will receive a broadcast fee of £67,500, the same amount as those clubs being shown on ITV1.

The match is all-ticket with reserved seating in all stands. Tickets go on sale on Wednesday morning to season ticket holders on production of voucher 'A' and then on general sale from Sunday at 9am


Someone hasnt done their homework on this game. 5.15 kick off? This gives Leeds "fans" all day to be in Oldham causing trouble before the kick off and all day to drink as well. If this isnt very well policed, then due to the history of Leeds & Latics..........I predict a riot!

'The game will make history'. Where've I heard that before? Ah yes. Cambridge v Latics. Jan 1974. Ok next reader - why? !

first tie under floodlights?

This would be the first match ever to be played on a Sunday. 11am K.O. 3rd round of F.A. Cup

Man City V Burnley on the same day, Oldham and Rochdale train stations and pubs will be very busy !!!!
7 hours of drinking time and the club agree to this? You can tell they dont have to walk around the ground after the game as finished!

I will not be taking anyone to this game, I would discourage anyone taking children - The mindless thugs will have a field day at this game !
£67500 for the rights?? How much will the policing bill cost ? The club have once again counted the pieces of silver and not considered the fans needs or saftey !!

Hooligans run riot in cup clash


I can see this headline repeating itself !!!

It was the first FA cup tie to be played on a Sunday. I think it kicked off at 11.45am. As I walked into the ground a camera crew were interviewing someone and as a result found myself on News at Ten the same evening. I also remember going down there earlier in the season on the League Liner and winning £22 on the lucky programme draw. We played cards with the players on the way back.


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