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Date online: 02 March 2012

Rise to the occasion, says Latics boss
PAUL Dickov wants his side to be inspired by their surroundings tomorrow.

Pointing to the draw gained in an enterprising show at Charlton and the graft put in despite losing to the only goal at Huddersfield, Athletic’s manager beloeves his men are capable of lifting themselves on big occasions against ambitious clubs.

Danny Wilson’s crack Sheffield United squad, which boasts strike power of sufficient calibre that even former England forward James Beattie isn’t guaranteed a start, stand between the visitors and the unlikely spoils at Bramall Lane tomorrow.

But at the very least, Dickov hopes his young, injury-hit side can gain some important lessons from the experience.

“Danny has got a promotion-winning team there and one thing we have not got to do is be overawed by it,” said Dickov, whose side have enjoyed good home form but are without an away win in npower League One since mid-September.

“We have shown by going to Huddersfield, Charlton and even Anfield this season that we can go to these places and have a go.

“It will be a fantastic crowd and a great stadium to play in and we want to go and do ourselves justice.

“We know what our last away game was like against promotion contenders (a 5-0 loss at MK Dons) and we don’t want that to happen again.

“If you can’t raise your game at grounds like Bramall Lane, there is something wrong with you.”

Promising to play attacking football tomorrow — while at the same time being aware of the treat posed by his former Manchester City club-mate, 21-goal striker Ched Evans — Dickov has watched the Blades personally in their last two fixtures.

Both have been struggles for the side sitting in second place in the table. On Sunday, they lost to city rivals Wednesday, before only seeing off Scunthorpe 2-1 in a come-from-behind win two days ago thanks largely to a red card for the visitors.

Nonetheless, the game provides a big test for the likes of teenagers Carl Winchester, David Mellor, James Tarkowski and Keanu Marsh-Brown.

“It is important that when young players make mistakes, they don’t go into their shells and that they keep trying to do the right things,” Dickov added.

“They are good players and it is a credit to them for the way they have handled themselves at their young ages.”

With a long injuries list and a variety of minor knocks being carried by players, including the tight hamstrings of Robbie Simpson, only six players took part in training yesterday.

Chris Taylor was one absentee with a continuing illness, though it was hoped he would take part today.


Tough day ahead tomorrow if Tuesday's midfield don't toughen up, but big ground, big atmosphere are what watching Latics away is all about! C'Mon Blues!

We havent got a prayer after that performance on tues night. The injuries have floored us and the replacements are just not up to league 1 standard. Winchester is out of his depth and mellor is not black. Minimum 3.0 to united

What a cracking comeback from the lads, Taylor had a storming game, particularly when playing down the middle, Tarkowski is too good for us and Marsh-Brown's pace made all the difference. Games like that are why i'll never stop following Latics, Colchester already seems like a distant memory.

Three points but let's not get carried away. An own gaol, an injury-time penalty and playing 9 men for part of the game helped the team to get the win (much needed). However, Sheff United threw away their chances and Latics were able to gratefully accept theirs. An 11 man United would, surely, have not caved in and so we must be thankful for small mercies. I hope the blinkered brigade don't start thinking everything is now hunky-dory. Lots of problems still exist at BP and changes are needed.

‘Changes are needed.’ Indeed they are! The bottom 19 in L1 are separated by only 23pts. Their average goal differance is -7.3. The top 5 are separated by 19pts and have an AV GD of +27.8, are well supported and heavily bank rolled. How long will it be before our ‘Blinkered Brigade’ reveal the name of their preferred philanthropist investor who will recreate their dreams? ‘The Blinkered Brigade’ fail to see how incredibly tough L1 is for small clubs. They also have no grasp of reality!...

…On the other hand ‘The Realists’ don’t expect someone to spend millions of their money on us. If someone keeps us afloat we are grateful. Does anyone have a ball park figure of the cost of getting us up out of L1 (guaranteed) and I don’t think 7 or 8 thousand gates wouldn’t come close to funding it. Down is more likely! Look around at the number of big clubs in financial poo. Rangers and Portsmouth (again) are the latest. Taken down by reckless new owners! It’s very dangerous out there!

The same way that people shouldn't get carried away on here when we lose a game. You know, the 'blinkered brigade' who only ever see the negative ;-)

Mikey is right, football as a whole is in a perilous state. Once one club goes to the wall, a number of them may disappear.

Hear-hear Mikeymike.

Ammypam... OS.... Scott.... Shhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

lookerstandandy 1 game against 9 men with a superb own goal to help doesn't get me carried away. The problems are still there. Goals from strikers in open play are still rare.
However I am chuffed with the result but lets not carried away as we do seem to raise our game for the big sides. Keep polishing the blinkers!!!

Lookerstandandy Shhhhhhhhhh!!! normal service resumed no goals from open play from our "strikers" and no consistancy.
Oh and beaten by a relegation placed team. As I said we raise our game for the big teams and not the small ones.


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