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Latics’ salute

Date online: 08 June 2012

ATHLETIC chief executive Neil Joy has heaped praise on boss Paul Dickov, who celebrates two years in the job tomorrow.

The Scot succeeded Dave Penney in the summer of 2010, since when he has steered his side to the Johnstone’s Paint Trophy area final and a memorable — and money-spinning — FA Cup visit to Liverpool.

While Joy acknowledged the final placings in npower League One could have been better, he reiterated his belief that Athletic have one of the hottest properties in the game.

He said: “I would class the two years Paul has been manager as a success. We have all been disappointed with our finishing positions in the division, but under the circumstances and with the obstacles he has faced, we possess one of the best young managers in football.

“It is well documented how highly Paul is regarded by everyone at Oldham Athletic and in football as a whole, and from my point of view it is a pleasure to work alongside him.”

Dickov and Joy have held long meetings this week as they mould the squad and finalise Athletic’s pre-season schedule.

An influx of new signings is hardly likely until forwards Shefki Kuqi, Robbie Simpson and Filipe Morais and midfielder James Wesolowski indicate where they want to play next season.

But replacements for the departed Kieran Lee, Chris Taylor, Zander Diamond and Reuben Reid are sure to be high on the agenda. The future of goalkeeper Alex Cisak remains unclear.

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Hear hear. Patience is a virtue and good things come to those who wait! Good Luck Paul, I'm right behind you!

Good luck Paul - good work signing up Bouzanis for a new contract today. An update on a new rival in League 1 next year - Coventry City. They do have a beautiful ground but that is now as far as it goes. Their mysterious owners SISU are selling anything off that is not nailed down. Most of the first team have moved on and now theyre having a fire sale of academy players. Because of their financial plight they have a transfer embrago on and administration maybe only weeks away. A big cub no more.

As regards the intentions of Kuqi & co.I seem to remember some time ago PD saying they would have a deadline of 2 weeks from the offers. It seems a lot longer than that & still no decisions ????

And the Marie Celeste... will be not too far behind them, sorry to be negative, but this is the worst I've ever known in my 60 + years of following Latics.

Why even Bournemouth are actually buying players, when they nearly went into liquidation yet again last year, £300k for yet another of our ex-players.

Fleetwood Town buying players in readiness for their new adventure, OAFC doing erm....nothing but sinking faster as each day goes by.

P.D. said he'd give player 2 weeks to decide - time up!

Nice job mentioning Dave Penny because it does make you realise the improvements which habe been made.

Hopefully PD will realise why the second half of the seasons have been so poor. Most likely explanation is the young nature of the team, so expect the same this season if we don't 'race of of the traps' we could really struggle.
I thought the new contracts offers were only going to be given 2 weeks to sign-up (seems a lot longer).

Kuqi should head back to Finland so his new family can settle.

joys living in a dream world, dickovs no good, cannot get the team to win at home,so we will never get in the championship if we lose nine games at home,new manager needed.

good luck for the new season paul. hope connor does well for you this season.

Coventry are a prime example of what happens when you live beyond your means and your credit runs out.They are not the first and wont be the last(Portsmouth, Plymouth)When our supporters start belly aching about not signing strikers or this or that player, just remember that we are also treading a thin line but without Coventry's fan base.At least we still have a club and an honest manager.

So these last two years have been a success mmmmm

Kenilworthjohn, sounds familiar owners selling anything off thats not nailed down, although Lookersstandandy would have you believe the owners have developed BP into the new Wembley and have always had the club at heart lol, thats why three came and two sailed away into the sunset leaving one to take care of the rest. As for new players i would be very suprised if we see more than two or three come to the club, and with that i am being optimistic lol.

Well we have signed our first new player - he is a full back from Sheffield United. He hasn't played for the first team but has been in the squad. Last season he also had a loan spell at Blue Square Bet North side Hinckley United - onwards and upwards!

lookerstandandy, youre living in cloud cuckoo land pd,s dont nowt yet, after 2 years we are back to square 1 trying to build a team from scratch, when we should by now have a fairly settled side with just a few additions needed. you know we had a half decent player budget for the last 2 years and pd,s wasted it.

If signing a player that's only first team experience is a loan period at Hyde utd is a sign of the quality of signings to come then we are in the muck big time. Sick of false promises,excuses and possibly even lies.The time period for kuqi,Simpson etc must have passed.For PD to survive in his job for 2 years with poor results,poor football and a wasted budget on poor signings with 1 or 2 at best decent players makes him a lucky man.

2 years and Dickov and Corney have a squad in disarray.

Scott, come on... you're better than that...! This lad from Sheff Utd is Kieran Lee's replacement. Kieran was discarded by Man Utd as not good enough... we picked him up and after a slow start where Shez was playing him on the right wing, he settled into a berth at full back and became one of our better players. Connor Brown could be our next Kieran Lee for all you know... and you're already diss-ing him. Give the boy a chance. Where he's been on loan is an irrelevance at this juncture.

Until we start getting bigger crowds survival in this league is a success. not exiting but unfortunately true. also dickov has to start again every year as any decent player leaves for bigger wages and we are left to build again and again which makes miracles pretty impossible too.


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