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Date online: 16 November 2012

PAUL Dickov has laid to rest whispers he and chairman Simon Corney are at each other's throats.

Athletic's manager said the pair had a long meeting this week and remain close, in and away from football.

That is the case even after the team's poor home performance against Bury was slammed in the Chronicle last week by Corney, who also warned the club faces a relegation fight this season.

"We sat in (the board room) on Tuesday morning for a couple of hours," Dickov said at his weekly press briefing.

"He has openly admitted we are never going to see eye to eye on everything. He doesn't necessarily agree with what I say sometimes and vice-versa.

"But we get on well, in the football club and away from it."

A passion for the club lies behind everything Corney does, argued Dickov, who admitted he would prefer a different way of giving vent to frustration.

"I completely understand where he is coming from, though I don't always agree with how he does it," added the manager.

"He isn't just a guy who owns the club. He is a fan as well.

"When we do get beaten and there are poor performances, especially at home, it really hurts him. Like it hurts me.

"He wants to go out there and let people know that he is hurting and there is nothing wrong with that.

"Sometimes there is a right way and a wrong way to do that and we agree to disagree on it.

"People are coming up to me saying we have fallen out, but we haven't.

"If I was just a yes man to everything Simon said, I don't think that would be right either."

Dickov is similarly unwilling to simply acquiesce to defeat at Bournemouth tomorrow.

Athletic are without suspended duo James Wesolowski and Dean Furman, with Robbie Simpson and Youssouf Mchangama likely to replace the pair against Eddie Howe's in-form Cherries.

Jean-Yves Mvoto is available again after suspension and is likely to replace James Tarkowski.

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good to hear,but its a last chance salon for gaffer if results don't pick up.

Basically everyone wants success at Latics, we've had to endure so much for so long you simply lose belief in it all.
P.D. states - The future lies in the youth, then promptly brings in loan players, ignoring some who have now attained International level.
S.C. gets angry, quite rightly in my view, players have their say etc. etc. showing that the professionals don't like being criticised for supposedly doing their best.

The youngsters in whom PD has faith get loaned out! also
Wrong in my view

Each to their own and the picture says it all...if you care to look hard enough.

I don't expect anything from tomorrow's game at Bournemouth, in fact, I think it will be our heaviest defeat of the season so far.

Hartlepool and Shrewsbury, however, are a different kettle of fish. Fail to pick up maximum points from those two games and it really should be 'bye-bye' Dickov..."friends" or not.

Simon Corney looks really happy in that photo!!

Sounds to me, PD, like you've got the dreaded Chairman's vote of confidence!

we will miss wez tomoro but im far from convinced both him and furman in the same team is the way foreword.

Let the both of them skip off arm in arm over the horizon.

Ammy; “Let the both of them skip off arm in arm over the horizon”. Not before ‘someone’ from the Let the Fans Run It group has identified and secured funding, I hope.

I'm sorry but that picture tells a different story to me, Simon Corney doesn't look happy at all, and well, Dickov that has to be one of the worst cheesiest put on smiles i have ever seen, lose to Hartlepool and i think your time is up.


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