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Patience pays off for lucky charm

Date published: 27 November 2012

CONNOR Brown is chasing down a personal fourth successive victory in an Athletic shirt.

But it remains to be seen whether the full-back starts at Doncaster tonight.

But if he does, the 21 year old aims to add to his 100-per-cent record when named in the opening line-up.

At Portsmouth in September he was the guilty party who remained on the pitch while Cliff Byrne was dismissed. But Brown later took over the three-match ban originally, mistakenly, handed to Byrne.

On regaining his spot at Hartlepool on the left of defence, then staying in the side for the home victory over Shrewsbury, Brown knows he has given his boss a tough decision.

“I have had to be patient and when my chance arrived, take it,” said Brown.

“I will just have too see how things go — all I can do is try to keep playing well and make the manager’s decision a hard one.”


In the very words of Mr.Dickov, "the future of this club lies in the hands of the youth".

OK then P.D. give them a fair chance and stop bringing in loan players who will eventually go back to their respective clubs and leave us having to virtually start all over again, with players having to get sued to each other and the way they play.

Smith, Brown, Taylor, Miller, Mellor are a few who, in my opinion have not had a fair chance at B.P. during your Management.

Win or lose give 'em a chance.

What has Mellor done wrong. When he first broke into the first team I remember the Scunthorpe commentators giving him the man of the match, which is some going for a left back. He isn't even on the bench tonight.


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