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Dickov in the mood for cup revenge

Date published: 28 November 2012

ATHLETIC boss Paul Dickov bemoaned his side’s lack of attacking prowess on an off-night for key striker Jose Baxter at Doncaster.

But he saw promising signs ahead of the teams meeting again on Saturday.

“We are really frustrated,” said Dickov.

“We more than matched a team up near the top of the league without being at our best, again.

“We take a lot of encouragement. So let’s get them to Boundary Park and have a go.”

Dickov also made it absolutely clear to his players how important the FA Cup second-round tie against Doncaster is.

”It is our cup final on Saturday,” said the manager. “I said that to the boys. I don’t care where they have been, who they have played for, what they have done or where they want to go. We will be up for it.”


rather have points in the league than a cup run, which will end on saturday , mr.dickov.

Given weve played better away this season, dickov i doubt it!!

We are a better side than our position reflects! our attacking prowess was not there because of bad management a night were the ball was constantly in the air and both team played as bad as one another, i can see why doncaster might play it in the air when our midfield is small, the formation or the choice of Furman on in the position he played just didn't work cos of the usual side ways balls he plays to keep possession only for it to be lost on wing by poor crossing.

The referee was terrible, the weather a bit cold and damp, the pitch was ok I guess, the players tried their best, but some of them were not on form, the linesman made a mistake, the Doncaster players and all other teams players keep bumping into us and knocking us down, oh dear on it goes.

This is your team P.D. your own selected players, who continue to play but are off form, yet the very players you stated "were the future" are dumped either off the bench or on it.

Give Jacob a chance. 1-0


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