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Bouzanis out, Cisak in

Date online: 28 November 2012

ATHLETIC are to send out an SOS for goalkeeper Alex Cisak, manager Paul Dickov has confirmed, as the latest show of poor discipline threatened to derail preparations for the FA Cup second-round tie against Doncaster at Boundary Park.

Dean Bouzanis is banned for three matches after being sent off in added time against Rovers last night.

Bouzanis shoved over Iain Hume, who was himself dismissed for two quick yellow cards and will also miss Saturday’s return match.

Bouzanis’s ban means Cisak – who made his Portsmouth debut on Saturday – will be brought back to Boundary Park for the big tie this weekend, as Athletic invoke a recall clause.

Though outfield players cannot be recalled within the first 28 days of a loan, goalkeepers can with the permission of the Football League executive.

Athletic chief executive Neil Joy confirmed he would seek Cisak’s return today.

“We will be getting Alex back for Saturday,” said Athletic manager Paul Dickov, who made contact with Pompey officials last night. It is silly for Dean. There is no need to go and get involved there.”

Cliff Byrne also misses the second meeting of the clubs inside five days through suspension.

The centre-back was booked for dissent while contesting last night’s only goal.

Bouzanis and Byrne’s enforced absences take Athletic to NINE suspensions this season. Only Preston have accrued as many yellow cards (53) as Athletic this season.


Poor discipline bred by ineffective man management and tactical frustration. Under-the-cosh players will, unfortunately, react that way.

Tarkowski is more than adequate cover for Byrne, although knowing Dickov, he will put Wabara in the middle and Brown on the right. At least he won't be able to put Grounds out on the wing again!

Square pegs in round holes and totally unnecessary with the squad we have. Yet he persists with Weslowoski and Furman in the same team.

Bemusing to say the least!

Fifty three yellow cards plus suspensions for the red cards show that Athletic have problems with either keeping their respective mouths shut plus silly tackles. Never a dirty team but indiscipline is obviously high and manager Paul Dickov does not set a good example because he spends a considerable amount of match time blasting the fourth official instead of keeping a full time eye on his errant players. I have witnessed some shocking officiating at B.P. but Mr Dickov is'nt helping the cause!!

If only those yellow cards were points we would be top of the league by now haha lol.

Have to say that caboroig hits the nail bang on the head. Any mistake by a Latics player is followed by him having a go at the fourth official. As I have said on here before, no matter what he says to the official, decisions are not going to be reversed so he may as well change what can be changed - the players and the way they play. Many of us have been banging on about these things plus his lack of tactical expertise and his inability to improve his players, coaches and himself - nowt changes!

I can understand defenders and midfield players getting cards for tackles.The game is fast and it is easy to mistme a challenge.Neither are referees consistent- an example being Furman's card last Saturday which was no worse than some uncarded fouls by the opposition. However what is absolutely unforgivable are cards for dissent or violent conduct.The latest manifestation results in 2 first choice players missing a crucial game on Saturday. The behaviour of so called professionals it isn't.

What can you expect from the players when their manager is constantly showing a lack of respect for officialdom by forever criticising referees.

Dickov, isn't it about time you lead by example ?

Either that - or go !!!


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