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Doncaster loss could have been avoided Dean

Reporter: Matthew Chambers
Date online: 29 November 2012

NOT good enough, personally or collectively. That was the stark assessment from Athletic captain Dean Furman of the overall display which led to a midweek defeat at Doncaster.

From being in a decent position at half-time, Athletic allowed Rovers to nick three points thanks to a quickly-taken free-kick by David Cotterill.

Manager Paul Dickov emphasised he didn't feel referee Gary Sutton should have allowed the goal to stand while goalkeeper Dean Bouzanis was busy arranging his defensive wall.

But Furman said Athletic should have stemmed the danger themselves — a view clearly and audibly shared by other players during a post-match debate.

"We came out in the second half in a good position, but too many of us, including myself, got a bit sloppy and invited pressure unnecessarily.

"They caught us cold — and that summed up the whole of the second half. They were that bit brighter and more switched-on than we were.

"From being comfortable in the first half and coming out thinking we could go and win the game, we invited pressure rather than them dominating. That was the major disappointment.”

Furman and company have an immediate chance to put things right when the teams do battle again on Saturday.

Athletic's skipper is fully clued-up as to how important reaching the third round of the FA Cup is considered to be by the club's hierarchy.

"It is a big game for the players and a massive game for the club. We will work on a few things in training and make sure the mistakes we made don't happen again."


Make sure mistakes dont happen again, wish i had a pound for the amount of times ive heard that one, dickov hasnt a clue someone should have the job when theres a free kick to stand in front off the ball to stop this happening SIMPLES!!

I didn't go to Doncaster but listened to the commentary and it sounded very much like the game at Bournemouth which I did see. First half, both teams ineffectual with no real chances, second half home team come out pumped up - Latics still in the changing room. For all of PDs talk about matching Doncaster, can anyone remember a single scoring chance that we created, apart from the one that Baxter worked for himself? This a very average league and we should be higher up the table.

Whatever next ?

Now even the Captain of the side is openly admitting that his team mates simply did NOT give of their best and once again ended up clueless.

It's ok having hindsight, unfortunately it's a condition which prevails in this team at this time, a team personally selected and virtually handpicked by the Manager who leads with his prematch waffle and postmatch excuses, I'm very sad to say that on the evidence of the last two and a half seasons and his record he's failing miserably !

i know one thing you can work on in training- try to pass the half way line. in all my years watching latics, i have never seen a team so devoid of any tactics or imagination. we have some good players who are being stifled by PD, take wabara, when he arrived he was an excellant attacking fullback who was great at raiding down the flanks in support of the winger, now he hardly ever passes the half way line.

If you lose half your games you will be relegated. FACT. We've already lost 9 out of 20. Dickov and Corney do the maths.

if the cup match is as big as simon corney says and we loose it were does that leave the manager it seems its win or bust for him

I'm sure many of us fans would love to know what happens at training sessions. Lots of time spent passing the ball back to the keeper without looking; passing the ball square when someone busts a gut going forward; getting to the opposition penalty area and definitely NOT shooting and not forgetting that on the touchline Dickov has a dummy dressed as a fourth official so that he can shout at him when one of the players misplaces a pass. This happens every week so they must be working on them!

Dickov moaning yet again about the referee - he is constantly looking for excuses instead of admitting that his team and himself are not good enough !

'Could have been avoided' (Dean F). If that's the case - why wasn't it? No excuses - poor performance(s) from a very poor team. After over 56 years of attending matches I think I ought to be able to say what I feel but the blinkered brigade can't see what's happening. Or is it the fact that they DON'T WANT TO? The future is NOT PD and GT.

@deanmo: No one is denying you the chance to say what you feel. However, your opinion is only ever one way, some might even say it's 'blinkered'.

Why don't you praise the team when they win, like they did on Saturday? It's all very well moaning at every opportunity, but constant negativity is not a healthy trait my friend. And before you call me 'blinkered', you will see that I've hardly posted at all this season, mainly just to give you a nudge in a positive direction :-)


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