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Discipline costing us, says Corney

Date online: 29 November 2012

AN AWFUL disciplinary record is wrecking Athletic’s prospects this season, chairman Simon Corney says.

Goalkeeper Dean Bouzanis became the third player to incur a three-game ban for violent conduct at Doncaster.

And with Cliff Byrne picking up a fifth booking of the season in the same game, he also misses what could be a season-defining FA Cup tie against Rovers at Boundary Park on Saturday.

Add those to the seven Athletic men who have already served suspensions this season and it is clear to Corney there is a costly problem.

“It is a complete and total lack of discipline,” the chairman said. “All three red cards came from heat of the moment incidents which are totally avoidable.

“To have had nine suspensions at this stage of the season is completely unheard of. I have never known anything like it.”

On Bouzanis, Corney is particularly disappointed given his excellent form this season.

“Dean has come into the team and has been outstanding,” he said.

“I am mystified and also sad as to why he did what he did. It defies belief. Alex Cisak is a very good young goalkeeper who will get his chance again now.

“The suspensions have been destabilising. Without them, where would we be now?”

On Cisak, who comes back into the starting line-up after being recalled to the club from Portsmouth yesterday, Corney laid to rest claims that his original departure to Fratton Park was prompted by a dispute.

“There is no contract dispute, no issue over number of games or anything,” he said. “It is sad that rubbish like this spreads as it does.”


Where would we be now i can tell you still near the bottom till you get your head out off the sand and fire dickov.

Look at bury the difference is a manager with experience who knows what hes doing.

Could not agreee more. My comment under "Bouzanis out Cisak" sums up my feelings.There are too many examples of emotions overwhelming brains and so called professionalism at BP.

I don't believe this, it's the suspensions that are ruining our season now. Surely they will run out of excuses soon and have to admit that the management of the football club as a whole (not just Dickov before I get slated)and the quality of the players is to balme for the position we are in, nothing else!!

Lol wrecking Athletics prospects, what prospects, the prospects of staying in league 1.

“I am mystified and also sad as to why he did what he did."

I could say the same about Corney and some of his decisions.

“The suspensions have been destabilising. Without them, where would we be now?” The first seven games yielded 6 points - don't think suspensions played any part in those results. What is the problem is the manager - he has a more than decent squad of players and doesn't know how to get the best out of them. As spdij666 says, look at the difference a good, experienced manager has made at Bury. They are still in the bottom four but their results and performances are improving.

What? Neither M'voto's or Bouzanis' red cards were warranted. Perhaps Latics should follow trends and incorporate more showmanship into their tactic. Despite these cards we have had few injuries, hence no excuses for the current league position.I'm expecting a minimum 24 points by December 8th or I’m afraid it will be ‘Dickov Out’´time for me.

It's NOT simply ill-discipline on the pitch. It's all about players who (a) are not good enough (b) not committed enough (c) far too inconsistent (d) can't find the 'back of the net' often enough and, without a doubt, a poor, very poor, management team. No amount of excuses can hide the facts or kid the dwindling support base.

Unfortunately for PD the end is very near after another posting from our chairman.Lose tomorrow & i guess the party is over! Wether people think it is right or not we are just not making any improvement as a club at all both on and off the pitch.We look good in patches & i believe there are some decent players in the squad but it can be painful to watch especially at home! Out of the cup tomorrow & crowds below 2k in feb & march hope my vision is wrong ? Excuse after Excuse has got very boring

Not sure whether you are getting rugby and football confused Bob but if youy raise your hands to another player its an automatic red these days, so how you can say Mvoto's and Bouznai's reds werent w3arranted is beyond me....Mvoto pushed over two players and yes, they went down easy, but it was Mvoto who was at fault.

Liar liar pants on fire!



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