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We’ve got it covered

Date published: 30 November 2012

THE Boundary Park playing surface will be covered until tomorrow morning but Athletic’s FA Cup second-round clash with Doncaster is NOT in doubt.

Chief executive Neil Joy said: “The weather is not an issue. The temperature is likely to drop to one below freezing overnight tonight, so the covers will stay on until tomorrow morning.

“But there is absolutely no doubt the fixture goes ahead, and I send out a call-to-arms to everyone to come along to the biggest match of our season so far.”


More like the usual biggest no show by the players again!, and another defeat. Also a few new excuses by the manager!.

That's a shame. Had it been called off we would still be classed has 'in the hat for the next round' until we get beat when the game can be replayed.

M'voto was given a girly shove before he shoved back, it would have been a yellow card offence had the kminster player not thrown himself on the ground. Corney watches videos no doubt and must realise that it isn't always the players fault when they get sent off.


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