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Cup-tie hope

Date online: 03 December 2012

Forest match offers chance to progress

IT MIGHT not quite match up to last year’s dream date at Liverpool, but Athletic chairman Simon Corney is happy with the FA Cup third round draw at ambitious Championship side Nottingham Forest early next year.

Athletic saw off Doncaster 3-1 at Boundary Park on Saturday.

Ironically, Forest striker Matt Derbyshire’s spell with Athletic comes to a forced end after the home clash with Swindon on December 15.

Now cup-tied to Athletic, he won’t feature in the clash unless a deal is done to bring him back to Boundary Park for the whole of the second half of the season.

While uncertainty remains over both the future of Derbyshire and his influential strike partner Jose Baxter, Corney hopes Athletic’s coffers will benefit from the split gate at the City Ground.

“Hopefully, we will take a healthy following and their crowd could be around the 15,000 mark.

“I won’t go there expecting to win. But is it impossible?

“I have seen us score five goals against Forest and I have also seen them beat us easily. If we catch them on a bad day, we could get through.”

Athletic took 6,000 fans to Anfield in the corresponding tie of last year’s competition.

Half that number could feasibly make the trip to Nottingham on January 5.


It'll be Christmas soon, lets hope Santa Claus can help the services of both Derbyshire and Baxter to be retained.

The priorities surely are to secure the services of Matt Derbyshire and Jose Baxter for the rest of the season at least.

And for the long-term future of OAFC it would make sense to somehown persuade both players to sign contracts for at least 2 seasons.

I feel that not only would we have a chance of getting a result at Forest but also achieving a top 6 play off spot and who knows, despite the pathetic season so far, WE COULD ACTUALLY GET OUT OF THIS DREADFUL LEAGUE.

Is this what SC wants !

If our recent results had been better then there would have been a better chance of keeping both of these players. If we lose them it may well be the end of the season for many Latics fans - Baxter has been terrific and made my journeys from Surrey worthwhile.

Looking forward to this trip as much as Liverpool because Forest are playing some good football this season.

It should be a good match and atmosphere!

Who knows we could even get a positive reasult. Remember Wolves a few years ago where we were dreadfully short of key players.

Derbyshire will not be allowed to play against his host club unless SC can pull a rabbit out of the hat.

We have a great track record of taking a big following to Forest! I hope the boys and girls of Oldham decide to have an away day in Notiingham and bring them back to Latics for a replay!


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