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Recalled keeper hits out at Latics

Date online: 04 December 2012

ALEX Cisak has criticised Athletic for the way they have handled an alleged contract dispute.

But the club remains insistent there is no disagreement.

The goalkeeper dashed back to Boundary Park from his loan to Portsmouth to appear in the 3-1 FA Cup win over Doncaster, following the suspension of Dean Bouzanis.

Both Athletic’s chairman Simon Corney and manager Paul Dickov have rejected the notion that Cisak being dropped from the team and his move to Portsmouth had anything to do with the terms of his current deal.

“There is no contract dispute, no issue: It is sad that rubbish like this spreads as it does,” Corney told the Chronicle last week, a position reaffirmed by a Boundary Park source today.

But the Tasmanian player has detailed his anger at the handling of an unspecified contract issue and urged that the situation be rectified.

“I found out on Twitter that Bouzanis had been sent off and I knew straight away I would get recalled,” Cisak told the local Portsmouth paper.

“I got a few ’phone calls a few minutes after that, and that was it, really. Oldham put a clause in (for his urgent recall if required) and I don’t think they would have let me go on loan unless that was in there. But there is also a contractual dispute going on with the club at the moment, which makes things a bit more difficult. I’m a bit disappointed with the way it has been handled by the club, but hopefully it will be resolved.”

Cisak, who was linked with a move away from Athletic in the summer, is in his second season at Boundary Park following a switch from Accrington.

The terms of his two-year deal include an option (which can be triggered by the club) for a further 12 months (2013-14).

The 23-year-old goalkeeper also said he wanted to stay at Portsmouth rather than return to Athletic, making it clear he would be open to a return to the south coast.

Bouzanis’s three-game ban expires after the home npower League One clash with Swindon on December 15.


why cant the club be honest for once the player is unhappy.

so dickov and corney are liars then...fair play to the lad. he's been stuffed around no end by the club, and still able to turn out the way he did on the wekeend. he's a good pro.

So somebody is at it YET AGAIN....The Boundary Park book of fables continues to flourish and we can now quite safely calculate that this has gone on for the last 25 years, in fact probably a lot more.

The whole place stinks and sadly when S.C and the 3 Amigo's
took over the club, one thing we were all promised was transparency, which in itself was farcical with the senior staff in position at the time.

Just when it would appear there was just a chink of light and hope...this stinks even more.

Looks like Latics are upsetting players again, this could be another player we lose for nothing in the summer.

If he's not happy let him go to the highest bidder!! at least he's under contract so we will get a few quid for him and DB has proved he is good enough to take the shirt, no point in keeping him and causing upset within the dressing room, it may also allow us to keep Jose at the club if the money we get for Cisak is right

Oh dear trouble at mill!! Get shut of cisak if thats his attitude we dont need troublecausers and moaners Bouzanis is twice as good as cisak anyway, if hes under contract lets hope we actually get some money for him.

No wonder Latics were trying to 'cash in' at beginning of the season.

Would rather go to Portsmouth than accept this chance to regain his #1 position says a lot.

Obviously has more of a focus on his contract than crosses.

This is sad news as in my opinion Cisak, in spite of a few mistakes, is the best keeper we have had for a very long time. For anyone to say that Bouzanis is twice as good I find ridiculous, although that's not to say that I think Bouzanis is a bad keeper, he's a decent keeper but not as good as Cisak. Time will tell. Also, for anyone not happy with Cisak how did you cope in the Dean Brill days?!?

I think the whole issue here could have been avoided, but again Latics are generally incompetent.

Sorry Shaw have to disagree with you there altho both are decent keepers i do think Bouzanis is the better of the two from what i have seen so far ! Cisak seems to have made more errors which have cost us valuable points especially last season im not saying DB hasnt made errors but maybe not as costly.Bouzanis in my opinion commands his area much better and is more agile.

He said, she said. I don't think Cisak was playing particularly well when he was dropped and Bouzanis has done admirably since. Disgruntled player blames anything but himself, club administrators make financial decision, who knows, maybe a bit of both. Either way, he’s back in the team now and should do his talking on the pitch. Club administrators can take whatever decision they wish. Not happy with that? Find an alternative owner or forever keep your peace and support the team! COME ON OLDHAM!

shaw latic where have you been for most of this season bouzanis is in the team because hes better than cisak full stop,thats why hes being picked first and cisak is on the bench, HUH SOME PEOPLE!!

Wow....so some of you have obviously read Cisaks confidential contract and are able to comment on its content and apportion blame.With any contract dispute,there will always be two sides to the argument.Cisak is a good keeper and wants to play but so is Bouzanis look how long he had to wait and may have to wait again if Cisak plays well and wants to stay at the club.

Shaw Latic.....not sure how this could have been avoided apart from keeping playing through his poor spell. From my position, Cisak didn't care for being a benchwarmer....also, do we know what he was like in training?

My thoughts are that there isn't a fag paper to choose between either keeper but that is my opinion as is yours to say Cisak is better and other who think Bouzanis is better. So to say someone is ridiculous for having an honest opinion is unfair.

@ shaw - thank god I'm not the only person surrounded by zombies! Cisak catches crosses, bouzanis punches them. Bouzanis is very weak off his line. He has only looked more commanding because of the high line we have been playing and playing well this season. Cisak is miles away a better shot stopper and for all those talking about bouzanis distribution, I just look at all the goal kicks that he puts into touch. we thought so much of Bouzanis that we didn't pay him for the first 4-5 months!

Both average (on a good day)


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