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Terrible toilets get no support

Date published: 07 December 2012

OLDHAM Athletic may be languishing in the bottom half of League One, but when it comes to terrible toilets they’ve got a play-off place.

A survey by online broker Bet Butler asked 2,000 club fans in Leagues One and Two to vote on football ground toilets.

Latics were named fourth-worst — only three people said the Boundary Park loos were best — behind Hartlepool United, who topped the terrible-toilet poll, and runners up Stevenage and Brentford.

Brighton and Hove Albion’s Amex stadium had the best toilets.

Latics chief executive Neil Joy said: “With the development of the new stand this is one league table we’ll be looking to vastly improve in next season.”


Never been to Hartlepool or Stevenage but Latics toilets are much worse than Brentford's. As for those who voted ours the best - I'd hate to see the condition of their homes!

Seems the better the team the nicer the toilets, anybody been to Old Trafford recently? the toilets in there are as clean as a whistle.

I agree with Saddleworth's finest, the toilets in the Stretford end are spotless. It doesn't take much to provide good clean facilities.


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