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Dickov argues Latics’ case

Reporter: Matthew Chambers
Date online: 07 December 2012

Athletic are preparing to bring in new players to strengthen the squad — while talks continue on keeping Jose Baxter, Matt Derbyshire and Reece Wabara at the club.

Manager Paul Dickov is trying to persuade clubs that it is in their interest to lend players for very little financial reward as he bids to extend the team’s good form.

Derbyshire heads back to parent club Nottingham Forest after the next two games, but Dickov is trying bring him back in the New Year.

Wabara’s loan deal expires in early January: Athletic will seek another extension from Manchester City.

And Baxter is a player Dickov would love to hang on to after his short-term contract ends on January 14.

“We have been making lots of ’phone calls about keeping those we have got, but maybe adding to it as well,” said Dickov, whose team plays at Colchester tomorrow.

“What we have to do is get the clubs and players to agree to giving them to us for not a lot of money — to put them in a shop window, or progress a career.

“I have sat Jose down a few times. He and Derbs have been the ones who have been telling me how much they have been enjoying it. There is a lot of work behind the scenes to keep both of them, and Reece Wabara, for longer.”


Latics had a better bargaining position when Baxter was jobless and should have given him a two-year contract. (Before anyone says it was Baxter's decision, that's not what Baxter himself has said.) Even if he signs, it'll be on higher terms. Stupid management.

Yet again PD is talking about bringing more loan players in (have we only got 3 players RW JB & MD)
Why does PD not practice what he preaches, and send our young players out on loan, instead of warming the bench or stands,PD has no interest in blooding our own lads.I am now more convinced than ever that PD has no interest in his own young players. How crushing and moral sapping it must be to be a young pro at BP.

For those who didn't attend... cracking performance on Saturday. Colchester admittedly look a poor side... however we played some lovely 2-touch football through the middle and out to the wings. Infinitely better than the days of Penney. Rumours contracts are in place with manufacturers of the new stand add to an optimistic future. PD's blue & white army!

The proof of the pudding is getting the same result against the top teams!, as we have shown on numerous occasions, how bad we can be making average/poor teams look like world beater!. All said very happy with the win!

@oldham1: By 'JB' I assume you mean Jose Baxter? If so, then he is not on loan, he is on a short term contract.

Derbyshire was brought in as the strikers we had weren't scoring enough goals, something that has been pointed out many times by contributors to this site.

You didn’t express any concern for the length of Baxter’s contract when he signed in September, ammy. In fact, almost the opposite. You smelt a rat by showing concern for why no one else was interested. You have never commented on his individual contribution to the team. And yet twice recently, with the benefit of hindsight you have raised concerns over the length of his contract. Why?

Well hopefull LA you'll soon have somewhere new to sit and watch through your rose coloureds....

Thanks for match report of sorts, glad to see you're in a position to know what's going on in Fairystory Land.

Hopefully PD's army will be kept TOgether with none of the present squad going AWOL...!

If they do, I'm sad to say it could be the Lookers new stand will have just one fan..and we'll be back where we started, heading down the doomsday path.

Unless S.C. digs into his bottomless pockets ?


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