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This hurts so much - Dickov

Date published: 17 December 2012

RAGING at half-time to the extent his voice could be heard near the players’ tunnel, Athletic manager Paul Dickov denounced the team effort against Swindon as simply not good enough.

“What I saw here, especially in the first half, was a lack of pride in individual performance, a lack of desire and a lack of professionalism.

“What is the point of putting training sessions on when you do what you want? There was too much of that. The players know exactly how I feel. It was unacceptable, especially in the first half.

Two first-half goals by Raffaele De Vita brought Athletic crashing back down to earth with a bump, after a sequence which had brought four victories from five games.

Dickov felt his wide midfielders Cristian Montano and Lee Croft didn’t help their full-backs enough — and ranked the performance as worse than those that brought 6-0 and 5-0 losses to Boundary Park two seasons ago.


After the ball performance with some of the players including the much lauded Jose Baxter showing a complete lack of interest in the contest. Paul Dickov was completely right with his assessment but what puzzled me together with other fans was his failure to replace the injured Byrne with Tarkowski. Immediately Byrne went off came the two totally preventable goals with both Wabara and Brown equally culpable. A shocking performance altogether with the outgoing Derbyshire the only player exempt

It hurt me even more £19 more at least Dickov didnt have to pay to watch that rubbish.

lack of character, thats what it is. terrified of the ball. i cant see why montano is being payed to pretend the ball is a dangermouse esque bomb every time it comes near him. im not seeing a professional sportsman there im afraid even with my vivid imagination.

Wise words indeed. I presume all the players are in this morning for a FULL training session and will be there again every day this week to iron out their lack of professionalism the best way possible?

Afraid this was just so predictable. Repeated spineless performances at home after decent displays away suggest a complete lack of bottle when the spotlight is on. It's being going on so long now there has got to be a serious attempt on the part of the directors to bring in someone who can ensure consistency. I ask again as me and other have done many times : 'What does Taggart do?'

we need a experience manager in soon

Enough is said what a waste of £19 watching this please can i have my refund.

It hurt me more Dickov.I was 65 in September and after watching only two games at 64 I had to pay the full price for my season ticket.I wish I had not bothered.I sat there on Saturday wishing I was somewhere else.

Why not give Mellor, Tarky, Miller and Winchester a chance as they will not get any experience sitting on the bench all saeson. They will be hungry to do well and if they don't get the chance before you know it there contracts are up and off they go leaving Tony P's good work gone to waste with some other teams reaping his good work.

Litespan - I was under the impression that if you were 65 by 31 December you qualified for a Senior Citizen season ticket for that season. My mates who are over 65 confirmed that that was the ruling when they reached 65. It maybe worth contacting our Supporters Liason Officer, Jenny Warburton, for clarification.


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