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Byrne remains a doubt for Yeovil clash

Date online: 18 December 2012

ATHLETIC are sweating on the fitness of Cliff Byrne as the centre-half attempts to recover from back spasms in time for Saturday’s trip to Yeovil.

With no official word from the club on his condition, boss Paul Dickov may yet be forced to shuffle the pack.

The most likely option would be for the Scot to move marauding full-back Reece Wabara into the middle, as he did when Byrne departed the action early on against Swindon, and hand a start to Connor Brown.

It compounds a frustrating month for the ex-Scunthorpe United man (30), who only returned from a one-match ban at the beginning of December.

Goalkeeper Alex Cisak, the other casualty in the the weekend’s 2-0 defeat, is likely to recover.

But with first choice keeper Dean Bouzanis again available following suspension, Cisak may drop to the substitutes’ bench for this weekend’s trek to Somerset.

Meanwhile, Athletic’s faint hope of bringing back Matt Derbyshire from Nottingham Forest for another loan spell has faded.

Forest boss Sean O’Driscoll believes Derbyshire would be better making a temporary switch to a championship club.

O’Driscoll said: “For them to go and play a few games in the Championship will be beneficial. It will get them back in the swing of things, playing every week.

“Then we have the option to bring them back into the team if we want to.

“The loan to Oldham was just an opportunity to get him out playing some games.”

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Is it possible that the Manager has also had a knock on the head?

This is no longer acceptable for 95% of the remaining fans that actually bother to make the journey to B.P.

With inflated attendance figures due to this daft £10 for the hoodlams season tickets, we are fast heading towards total destruction.

Surely the Owner and remaining Director and A.N.Other put on there to supposedly represent the fans via the Trust can see the ende of the tunnel-IT'S ALMOST TOTAL DARKNESS NOW.


who has tarkowski upset, surely he should replace bryne as both wabara and connor were at fault for both the swindon goals not forgetting cisak who should have saved at least one of them.

LO... your post is nothing but a ramble. We get you don't want Dickov... that's your opinion... but what is no longer acceptable? The story you have posted on is about Byrne's injury. Are you complaining about Wabara for CB, or the fact Derbyshire will not return? You don't want to encourage to the club young fans, with pocket money to burn... then something about a tunnel which is dark, suggesting the end is not in sight, yet 'they' should see it? I've gone dizzy trying to make sense of it all!

I agree with spdij666 that Tarkowski should play in place of Byrne. People will say he makes 'silly errors', I am one, but if he learns from the mistakes he could develop into a very tidy player.

Derbyshire was good but he is a bit lightweight for this division. I hope the lad gets fixed up as he works hard where others don't!


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