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Carry on the good work - Taylor

Date online: 19 December 2012

FORMER Athletic star Chris Taylor has backed Paul Dickov to oversee a successful 2013 at Boundary Park.

Springhead’s wing wizard Taylor made a free transfer to Championship outfit Millwall with a heavy heart after seven years with his home-town club.

The 25 year old is still in touch with most of his former teammates - and believes they are going in the right direction.

He said: “Paul Dickov doesn’t have a lot of money to spend and yet they are only a couple of wins away from pushing into the top 12 in the table.

“He is doing the best with the budget at his disposal and despite a few indifferent results here and there, I think there is plenty to be encouraged by.

“I have also heard a lot of very positive things about his signings, especially Jose Baxter — people have been raving about his impact at the club.

“I know it won’t be easy but if Latics can hold on to Baxter and people like Reece Wabara it will give everyone at Boundary Park a huge lift going into the New Year fixtures.

Though he too expect Matt Derbyshire not to return to Oldham, he added: “It’s important they keep the other players, despite the competition from rival clubs. There is no reason why Latics can’t kick on in that top half and have a good second half of the season. I certainly hope so. The spirit is excellent and that will be a big help in the remaining fixtures."


He seems to be doing well at Millwall... he catches the team most weeks and scored the winner last time out. Good luck to him. It gives me hope that we can produce players who can cut it in the Championship. We could do with a crop of 4 or 5 blossoming at the same time: Tarky, Miller; Mellor; Taylor hopefully. I feel sorry for Kieran Lee... I know he's been injured... but he isn't getting a look in at Weds. Haven't really missed Morais.

I used to like Chris Taylor, still do I suppose as player, but could not understnad his reasoning for going to Millwall.
Sadly he since appears to have lost his marbles with this latest statement, he knows Matt D won't be back as did PD, Jose won't be here in Jan according to SC. Reece is almost at the end of his loan period.

Maybe P.D. will come to his senses before it's too late and actually stop bringing in loanees and give the youngsters a fair chance, at least they try and play for OAFC.

I think most of the indifferent results have been at HOME where the majority of supporters see them! This hasn't been just this season it has been a recurring nightmare for many...no too many years.
I long for a season where we win more than half of our home games.
Keeping these loan 'stars' might be seen as a positive but it is also stopping our own youth players developing which will mean they move on for them to prosper at a new club generating transfer funds for their new club.

glad your doing well at millwall after a slow start, and oldham will never be the same until we get new owners in.

Carry on the good work.His he having a laugh.

Why the concern Mr Taylor? You hardly had a decent game over the last few seasons you were at BP. If PD is that good why did you leave? Just a thought.

What do you mean you can't understand why he left? bigger club, better league, double the money and he gets to leave a town without a cinema to move to that London, that is the definition of a no brainer

Oh how fickle is the mind of the football supporter. Chris Taylor is a legend at OAFC, stayed far longer than most others would have done and when he finally left, it was to further his career at a much bigger club. Staying loyal all those years, whilst other clubs were sniffing around..... if someone asks him for a quote when he comes back, he's hardly going to tell it as it really is, so he plays the diplomatic card instead. Taylor, Latics legend !!


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