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Relief for pain-free Simpson

Date published: 21 December 2012

FORWARD Robbie Simpson has revealed he collapsed with relief after finally overcoming a pelvic injury.

Simpson has struggled for fitness this season but has an opportunity to stake his claim in the wake of loan player Matt Derbyshire’s return to Nottingham Forest.

His cause was given a major lift by a breakthrough training session: “I am enthusiastic because I have had my first pain-free training session in three months.

“I felt like crying, I was that relieved. I went home afterwards and just collapsed. I was charging around everywhere and probably overdid it.

“It was like my goal celebration at Anfield all over again, when I ran the length of the pitch and was exhausted.”

It was the watershed moment Simpson had been waiting for: “Three months ago I had a groin injury and once that cleared up the problem with my pelvis started. I wasn’t able to change direction or sprint.

“We have got to the bottom of it now. I just have to manage it carefully.

“Now the aim is to get back to playing games, scoring goals and rediscovering the form I showed last season.”


I thought Simpson looked a decent player last year but this year he has been the most massive disapointment. He looked quite good in pre-season but his haul of 1 x deflected goal is quite frankly pathetic.His past record with other clubs shows that he plays well in minimal bursts,he has ability but i have to question his commitment to knuckle down,get himself fully fit & improve as we have enough non producers in the squad as it is ! Cosy that he gets sent off the game before the Xmas period !!!


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