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Up and at ’em

Date online: 21 December 2012

PAUL Dickov is urging his Athletic charges to show no fear in tomorrow’s match at Yeovil Town.

Huish Park has not been a happy hunting ground over recent years, and the 2-0 defeat to Swindon upset the momentum created by four wins in five outings.

But Dickov isn’t one for dwelling on the suggestion of jinx teams or grounds: “It’s true the club hasn’t taken much from trips to Yeovil in the past, but the same was said about Colchester and we won there,” he said.

Last time Athletic won at Yeovil was November 2005, when two from Paul Warne clinched a 2-0 victory. Athletic have since failed to win there six times

As angry as Dickov was with the lacklustre showing against the Robins, he dismissed the suggestion the players are frightened of playing in front of their fans.

He added: “There is not a fear factor among the lads at Boundary Park. I think the Swindon loss can in many ways be attributed to complacency.

“The least we should always do is have a good go at the opposition. We didn’t do that until the second half, by which point it was too late.”

Bouzanis returns from a three-match suspension tomorrow. His deputy, Alex Cisak, has not trained all week after a head injury against Swindon.

Cliff Byrne is hopeful of shaking off his back ailment, while Simpson’s run-out in the reserves puts him in a two-way battle with Smith to partner Jose Baxter up front.


Talk is Cheap - as the saying goes. PD - please GO now. You have done nothing to further the club and have nothing to offer in the future. A pathetic surrender at Yeovil was one pathetic performance too much.


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