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Help is at hand for Dickov

Reporter: Matthew Chambers
Date online: 01 February 2013

WHILE the wait for more help goes on, Athletic boss Paul Dickov believes he has brought in a pair of players who can spread valuable know-how behind closed doors.

Add together the ages of Paul Murray (36) and Chris Iwelumo (34) and you're only four years off

qualifying for a free TV licence.

But Athletic's manager hopes their experience can provide a guiding voice in the wait for the appointment of his new assistant manager.

Dickov says he doesn’t need reminding of his responsibility to raise the club's lowly league standing.

"Nobody needs to tell me we need to pick up results in the league," Dickov added. “We go down there with a lot of confidence, but also knowing league form hasn't been great. It has to start picking up.

“I’m humble - but also confident in my own ability.

"The boys have gone on record saying how much they back me. I'd rather they kept their mouths shut and got a result."

Dickov will field a fresh face, Connor Brown, in place of Reece Wabara, for whom the Liverpool win was the end of his loan.

"Reece will be a big miss," Dickov said.

"First of all I'd like to thank him. There was always the chance he was going to go into the Championship. He could have gone earlier in the month; I don't think anyone can blame him.

"Connor will come in and do a good job for us. He is a little bit raw, but the kid has a really good attitude."


One of the many highlights of the game on TV, was seeing the genuine smile on Dickov's face when Wabara scored the third goal. Not sure who it was that put an arm around his shoulder, but it was a moment to remember.

No excuses, now, Paul Dickov...go out, do the business and let the Latics finish the season in safety from the drop.

A big thanks to Reece Wabara for a job well-done and for the final goal that ensured Latics through to the next round.

Good luck with the 'Seasiders'.

PD buy a lottery ticket you have more lives than a cat. 4 decent signings but Lee Barnard has the quality to score a lot of goals. Dont let him go at the end of the season sort some thing out early we dont want a Baxter drag on where clubs sniff around and notice hes a bargain.

some oldham fans keep going on yet again about what great loan signings laics have made , all well and good but its no guaruntee of league survival, besides whats the up-date regards to the so called expeirenced dickovs number two.

Let's celebrate when the signings prove to be able to help Latics 'move onwards and upwards'. I have seen enough in my time supporting the club to realise that not very signing - especially loanees - is what it might seem at first. Come on Latics but let's have some permanent signings rather than loanees who, let's be honest, in most cases, were either not wanted by their clubs - hence none cup-tied - or were past their sell-by dates. KTF? Yes, but we want players who are like-minded.


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