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Hot seat not for me - Philliskirk

Reporter: Matthew Chambers
Date online: 22 February 2013

Athletic’s caretaker manager Tony Philliskirk says he is unlikely to take the job full-time if the club offers it.

His decision to rest six players in midweek — criticised by some fans — turned out to be the right decision, since Latics won. But knowing what a furore it would have caused if they have lost is one reason he doesn’t want the job full time.

"If we had been beaten at Stevenage I would have been slaughtered for making those changes," he said.

"I am relaxed. I knew by winning the other night that the board probably wouldn't bring anyone in for Saturday, and Simon Corney's comment is probably right: if it ain't broke, why fix it?

"The true test will come when we lose. We are doing our best; we can't do any more. At the moment people are saying nice things. If we had lost at Stevenage I'd have been getting caned. I don't think it's right - but maybe that's why I'm not cut out to be a manager."

Jose Baxter and Jordan Obita, among others, may come in from the start tomorrow. Baxter, who had not missed a start since a suspension in November, could replace Wesolowski in midfield.

Winger Obita had been suffering from a strained calf muscle and was rested on Tuesday.

NOBODY has dared talk in the Latics dressing room about the Everton replay — yet.
The rush for tickets for the FA Cup fifth-round rematch at Goodison Park on Tuesday night is already well under way.

While Tony Philliskirk hasn't banned talk of the contest, the players have themselves kept quiet in advance of the immediate challlenge at Portsmouth tomorrow.

"Stevenage, the players were all talking Saturday, Saturday, Saturday," said Philliskirk. "It would be foolish to think beyond that."


So good to read the comments of a man with his feet firmly on the ground. No histrionics, just talks as he sees it instead of saying what he thinks people want to hear like PD did all the time. He is certainly under no illusions on the fickleness of fans as soon as the team loses.

There is a feelgood atmosphere surrounding OAFC at this moment of time and it is very hard to believe that in such a short space of time that the Latics supporters are still pinching themselves. T.P. quite rightly is keeping the players looking from game to game and no doubt S.C. cannot believe things either. Despite all of this and the tremendous financial bonus the club needs an experienced hand to assist T.P. Perhaps when the cup run overflows then S.C. will boost staff and the team...???

Its got to be said, Tony Philiskirk is a top bloke, and from what I have seen, so too is Paul Gerrard. Makes you wonder what they think our football management structure should really look like - and whether someone who can oversee 100% of the club from youth to 1st team is what we really need = TP. With focused coaches and team managers under this person?

Come on Simon giveTony a break get the new manager in asap. He as made his feelings clear. He as done a fantastic job for the club and breathed fresh air into the players BUT as he says the job is not for him. Lets start the ball rolling before Tony decides he's had enough and walks away

i wouldnt fancy it either tony but well done the other night

What's this repetition of the "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" mantra? Yes, we've had a few good results but there's still a lot wrong with the club which does need fixing and it's crazy to think otherwise.

Of course there are lots of things need sorting ammy. Got a magic wand have you? Perhaps £50M under your mattress you want to give latics? You would be moaning if we were still on a bad run and your still moaning now. We have not had a lot to cheer about so lets back the club when we have a great cup run and start stringing a few results together.
If theres one thing that makes me laugh its when people complain about something then dont come up with ideas how to sort them - All waffle waffle :)


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