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Johnson ready for contract talks

Date online: 03 December 2013

LEE Johnson expects to properly discuss terms over a new contract soon.

Promised a new deal by Simon Corney recently, Athletic’s manager says he has not had the opportunity to examine the proposal.

“We have yet to properly sit down and talk about it,” said Johnson, who is this week preparing his side for an FA Cup second-round home clash with Mansfield Town on Saturday.

“There is a lot going on and I am really excited about it all. There are a lot of plans being put into place. We are at about stage two of 10 in getting that going.”

Athletic have been in good form lately under their young manager, who used the emergency loan deadline day last week to bring in two more players.


there should put it on hold because yes we are playing well now but he already has one year left. Just saying this what if he struggles would the board look to pay him off we made mistakes in the past with managers.

please dont rush it oldham.

Just get on with it Simon. Lee Johnson has the talent and potential to go far and has created a new buzz about the place with the team usually playing attractive as well as committed football. I do not think we will win the Paint Trophy let alone FA cup, neither will we even get into the play offs. But I do think if we continue to develop like we have this season -and with a new stand - 2014-15 is going to be one hell of a season. I would love to be wrong about my predictions for this season !!

Ibby what you mention is all negative how about looking at the other side of the coin what if LJ turns out to be a cracking manager(hes doing a good job so far)? Would you be the first to moan if he went elsewhere because we didnt tie him up to a longer deal? .. Its all ifs and buts ! For me id extend his contract for 2yrs and see where we are at the end of that .

In fairness to Ibby I think caution IS important.Five weeks ago a relegation fight was expected and some people were having a few doubts that Lee could turn it round. Now people are hailing him as the next JR.Theres even talk of the playoffs.Things right now are looking great. Of course he should be offered a better contract based on present form and the carrot of a fat bonus IF we secure a playoff spot or promotion should also be thrown in the pot. But lets be sensible and cautious about it,

I agree IOW but you could tell instantly that this team was playing the much better football during games.Ok we lost a few early doors but alot of that was down to just being a tad niave (5 pens conceded on the trot,wrong decsison making etc).Once LJ had sorted that side out we have shown that we can compete with the top teams in this divison.Consistency is the key and at the moment we are showing that ie 7 games unbeaten.The fears of relegation i doubt would be from anyone who actually attended

.... the games. All i can say is LJ has swept years of mediocre and negative football under the carpet.The guy truly is a breath of fresh air and his style of high tempo pressing football is a joy to watch.So as i said give him a 2year contract and watch him take us places!A trip to Wembley would be a nice start in his first season !

Ps ... Wen i say years of negative and mediocre football i do not include Shez or Dowie's teams in tha statement hence 15yrs of the above out of the last 20.


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