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Latics look to repeat Sunday exercise

Date online: 03 December 2013

A SUNDAY service could be resumed for future Athletic fixtures after the rousing success of Bradford’s visit.

The attendance of 7,180 at Boundary Park for the entertaining 1-1 draw included an Athletic-supporting contingent of 4,438 — the best figure of 2013-14.

The contest was originally held back for 24 hours due to a clash with the Rugby League World Cup final at Old Trafford.

And with the Sunday fixture proving to be such a success in financial terms, the club says it will look at repeating the exercise.

“We got a lot of good, positive things out of it,” said chief executive Neil Joy.

“It was a cracking turnout from our supporters and it showed the fans are backing us in what is turning out to be a very positive season.

“More Sunday football is certainly something we will be considering, if not later on this season then in the future.”

Athletic are back in action at Boundary Park on Saturday, in an FA Cup second-round tie against Mansfield of Sky Bet League Two.


good idea

Sunday fixtures not for me and most of the fans i spoke to.Just because it was a success for one Sunday does not mean it would continue to be so Bradford would have most likely have brought that many fans if it had been on a Saturday.

I Dont agree lite ignoring the away following you only have to see the attendance of the home fans was up ! How many "other halfs" get dragged away to do the shopping on a saturday or other tasks?.When theres nothing to do on a sunday & one is at a loose end(im not one of those i hasten to add) what better excuse is there than to nip down to BP? The wifes happy because you spent time on a staurday with her therefore she coudnt possibly object to one going to the footy on a sunday ! Result.

it was only a success because it was Bradford's nearest away match. Doing it against say Leyton Orient (I know we have played em already) or someone wouldn't have the same impact. Leave the matches at 3pm on a Saturday. I actually thought they should have moved the kick off forward as 3pm was a bit late for a sunday.


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