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Montano facing possible club disciplinary action

Date published: 11 December 2013

ATHLETIC director Barry Owen says the club may soon take disciplinary action against Cristian Montano.

The winger, who is out of contract next summer, has already been suspended without pay after a secret video appeared to show him apologising for failing to get booked in the first half against Wolves in October. Montano has since been arrested and bailed until April next year, with five other suspects.

“While we didn’t want to pre-judge an investigation, we had to make a decision based on whether there was gross misconduct that may lead to a disciplinary inquiry anyway,” Owen said. Club solicitors have approved the move.


Don't want to pre-judge here.

But surely after the open confessions on TV, in front of thousands of witnesses, this is the end of Montano, or at least should be for a long long time imho.

Sadly the Football Authorities appear to think it's nothing more than a minority involved in this, seriously it's been going on for years with this ridiculous spread betting, yes even to when we played in the Premiership.

It will just be a matter of time before the bookies are offering odds on breaking wind.


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