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Latics boss points finger after Trophy shoot-out agony

Date online: 11 December 2013

FAILINGS on his team’s part and by referee Kevin Wright were blamed by manager Lee Johnson as Athletic agonisingly slipped out of the Johnstone’s Paint Trophy in a penalty shoot-out.

Chesterfield made it into the Northern section final after a 6-5 shoot-out win at Boundary Park following a 1-1 final-whistle score.

Johnson felt Wright could have awarded his side two penalties during the game — when Jonson Clarke-Harris fell under a challenge from Ian Evatt, and at the death in added time, when Matteo Lanzoni’s cross appeared to be handled by Spireites defender Ritchie Humphreys.

But Johnson believes his team should have done more to win without the need for a shoot-out.

“It’s gut wrenching,” he said Johnson “It was a good game and I feel we dominated possession in the second half. Our play was decent up to a point - then we had a couple of chances we didn’t quite finish.

“It was a tough game but a good one. I was pleased everyone turned out and just so sorry we couldn’t send them home with the team in the next round.”

Johnson wants his team back on track quickly: Athletic face a league game at Brentford on Saturday and follow that with an FA Cup second-round replay at Mansfield three days later.

“We can’t be too deflated,” added Johnson. “We have a big game on Saturday and another on Tuesday.

“We have to make sure we bounce back, starting now.”


in over 20 years we have only once had a team good & strong enough to get us into a position to get promotion. We are a club with a losing mentality.I feel for KS,DP,JW,JT, they have will to win 100% in every game the as for some of the rest ??? A major opportunity to play in a large stage has gone again are the players as sick as the fans I doubt it ! Weed out the mentally weak & non-producing players Lee who could threaten your job - Most fans know who are not playing to their true ability !

Heads up everybody, we had a great run but it is sadly over. Time now to concentrate on beating Mansfield and giving Liverpool a right game. Let's keep the good run going and carry on up that league and into the Championship. We are good enough so keep believing and achieving.

Lets face it chesterfield wanted it more, to little effort and fans suffer again, never mind penalty excuses, we didnt try hard enough. when ohh when are the fans going to get to watch a 110% effort match!!

that's 2 games running and you would not have guessed who was the higher division team.

Without trying to be too negative I feel that LJ needs to stop changing the starting line up when there is no need, There were 6 changes from Saturdays starting line up most of which made no sense at all. Anyway lets hope we can pick ourselves up and get on with the job in hand climbing the table and winning the FA Cup replay and a nice trip to Anfield. Come on Oldham

'We can't be too deflated'. Guess again Johnson.

Looks likely that LJ will soon realise that Managing OAFC is harder than managing a Premiership club, with the inbuilt and ongoing attitude and approach from some of the players who represent the Club,their team mates,the Manager and Directors and more importantly the fans who are craving success.

Some of them turn in a display which ends in yet another defeat by a team now 2nd Division, simply the wrong attitude and effort by some, they and LJ know who they are.
Hopefully they will be gone.

typical build you up .to knock you down

Do not blame the ref for our own inept performance, it was another night where the team let down the fans once more, we seem to be able to beat teams of a higher standing than ourselves, but become totally abject and useless against inferior teams I for one fear for the replay at Mansfield!.

Ohh and for the Clark-Harris appeal from where I was he managed to get the ball!.

Don't try to blame the referee we just weren't good enough to beat lower opposition and I fear for Oldham they are going to need to improve a lot to beat Mansfield, lets hope we are not embarrassed Like on Tuesday. Chesterfield and Mansfield played the same way and we did struggle in both matches. We worked hard but we played right in to their hands and had no answer to them that's the truth so better change your plan for Tuesday. We are a lot better than Mansfield so let's prove it.Lj

same old comments every week from the manager. "played well, not created enough chances, the referee"....
Do I detect the honeymoon period for LJ is coming to an end

Yes neither of the appeals were penaltys

Blaming the ref again

Johnson, it is becoming boring - just accept that you and the team were not good enough.

He says Latics should have had 2 penalties, yet I suppose the opposition never deserve any - and he always moans when they do get one.

Look at yourself Johnson !


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