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Root out fixers - Johnson

Date published: 13 December 2013

ATHLETIC boss Lee Johnson has demanded action be taken to stamp out illegal practices relating to football betting.

Six individuals, including Athletic’s Cristian Montano, are under investigation for alleged spot fixing.

"There is a problem that has got to be sorted out. I certainly didn't realise the extent of it and I think it is probably just the tip of the iceberg.

"I am sure a lot of time, effort and money will be put into finding out exactly what the problem is and where it is coming from, and stamp it out because there is no place for it.

“Football is a great game; a lot of people work very hard, and the fans pay good money. People don't deserve it, so hopefully it will be sorted out and everybody that has done it will get caught.”

SIMON Corney is to be commemorated within the new North Stand as Athletic’s ‘11th legend’.
Athletic’s chairman will be given a gold engraved brick, along with the 10 existing club legends, in the structure as a tribute to the work he has done in enabling the stand to be built.

“We think this gesture is a fitting tribute to the work Simon has put into the development of the stand and it is a thank-you on behalf of the club,” said commercial manager Jenny Warburton.


Yes a sincere "thank you" to Legend 11 or should it be !...

No doubt it will attract the usual sarcastic and uncalled for personal attacks on the man from the idiots who use this page and other blog sites to slag him off.

I totally agree with the inclusion of Simon Corney as a Latics legend. We wouldn't have a team to support at all if it wasn't for his initial intervention and continued bankrolling of the club. Well done and thanks.

This club is very fortunate to have a Chairman like Simon Corney.We could have easily gone under and out of business without him being at the helm.We may never be a wealthy Club but at least we are well run and attempting to stay within budget unlike many other so called bigger clubs that have menacing huge debts hanging over them.Also Tranmere need to look at themselves with regard to future team selection.......

totally agree about corney being included. Not always agreed with him -especially the mad idea of relocating to failsworth - but without him no club at all.


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