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Montano gets the boot

Date online: 16 December 2013

ATHLETIC has confirmed the sacking of Colombian winger Cristian Montano.

The 22 year old appeared in a secretly-filmed video apparently apologising for not being booked in the first half at Wolves - part of an alleged spot-fixing scam which made national headline news.

Currently on police bail until April, Montano was suspended without pay by Athletic following his arrest.

At a press conference earlier today at Boundary Park, a statement read out by solicitors detailed the reasons for Montano’s dismissal.

It said: “After a thorough investigation relating to the conduct of Cristian Montano, a decision has been made to dismiss the player.

“It is our view the player’s conduct, in not only bringing the name of Oldham Athletic but also the football authorities into disrepute, amounts to very serious breaches of club discipline and therefore constitutes gross misconduct.

“Oldham Athletic takes matters such as this extremely seriously and believes it was essential to act as swiftly as possible to deal with this matter decisively once they became aware of the allegations, and irrespective of any other investigations.”

Montano signed for Athletic in August 2012 but has performed inconsistently and had injuries.

Across two seasons he made 48 appearances and scored four times.


Without prejudice.

Brilliant Oldham Athletic.

Absolutely the correct move, the Chairman and Directors must be highly commended for having the guts to take such action, this club has had more than it's fair share of difficult times and no one wants anything to with players of this ilk under any circumstances.

Personally I feel even more sorry for Simon Corney whom I understand backed Mr Dickov when he wanted this player at a cost in excess of £50k plus his wages since he was signed
£150+ lost.

right decision in the end.

I'm glad you took the right decision on booting Montana out we don't need people like him in our club even if he was found not guilty there will always be a cloud over his head well done Oldham Athletic you got it right.

Good riddance . At least Latics are doing the right thing by their supporters.Unlike a certain other Div. 1 club.This is a problem that needs rooting out by the clubs, but they need to have courage and a united approach.I dont care if I have to watch a depleted team as long as they are honest pros.

But we are all happy having Lee Hughes playing for us? Montano, yes, better off without him.

Totally agree. Well done the club

I fully agree with comments made by Latics Observer. Oldham's actions in ridding themselves sends out a clear message to the PFA, the league bosses and everyone involved in football that they are a club that sets the highest standards and will not tolerate any individual whose behaviour falls below those standards.

Accrington Blue, a very good comment, what Hughes did was far worse in my opinion, however Montano is no longer a Latics player and thats the right decision, however all those who cheered for Hughes and moaned about Montano......

Fitton Hill and Accrington Blue, there was a big difference with Hughes he did wrong and served his time behind bars before being allowed to start work again. He got behind a wheel drunk and killed people, Montana's situation is totally different there is no way you can compare the two. So you are saying do wrong go to prison and come out and never be allowed to work again. That's rubbish

MASON, tell that to the family he destroyed whilst driving drunk. People cheering Hughes....really. I wouldnt cheer either of them, both a disgrace and Latics should never have signed Hughes.
PS did you know he evaded capture for 36 hours before handing himself in.......


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