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The boy’s done good

Date online: 19 December 2013

PROUD dad Tony Philliskirk has revealed his hot-shot son’s relatively late rise to prominence has come about as a result of his hitting the weights — hard.

Danny Philliskirk netted his 10th goal of the season in the FA Cup replay against Mansfield, blasting home a second-half equaliser from a free-kick to continue his rise to prominence as Athletic’s most potent attacking weapon.

The Stags were exactly the sort of opponents the 22 year old had struggled against on loan at Oxford United in League Two three years ago.

But after his father gave manager Lee Johnson the nod that his son was physically ready for regular first-team football, bulked-up Danny is living the high life at his home-town club.

“I am delighted that chairman Simon Corney and Lee Johnson have given Danny his opportunity. But you also have to take it - and that’s what Danny is doing,” said his father.

“I am really proud of how he is doing, but I’m not getting carried away; I know how quickly things can change.

Danny, who lives in Mossley with girlfriend Alex, told the Chronicle he has no plans to leave Athletic any time soon: “I couldn’t have asked for things to go any better,” he said. “I just want to be loyal and stay here as long as I can to help the club move forwards.”


Well, it's nice to hear that word "loyalty" being bandied about again. Would be nice for one or two Premier league playboys to show loyalty for a change wouldn't it?

Although he's not as outrageously gifted as Jose Baxter he's a very talented player and he's proving to be a more than adequate replacement.

two top guys like father like son, simon get them both on long contracts sooner rather than later.

Come on Simon, get him signed up on a long contract. A great player that's bound to attract a lot of attention from the bigger clubs. Sadly, finances will probably mean he would be sold, but let's ensure Oldham get a good return for him.


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