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Health of club priority boss

Reporter: Matthew Chambers
Date online: 20 December 2013

ATHLETIC boss Lee Johnson is to outline his strategy in a meeting with club chairman Simon Corney.

With the transfer window coming up and injuries being carried by key men, Johnson will ask Corney if he can assist with more money.

Johnson remains cautious, pointing out that the overall health of the club is of the utmost importance.

“Simon was back at the club yesterday so we will have a sit down,” Johnson said of the chairman. In tomorrow’s return to Sky Bet League One action against Colchester, the manager hopes to translate the goals run away from home — 26 in 15 matches — to Boundary Park, where only nine have been scored in eight league games.

“I am quite comfortable with our form of late, in the last 10 or 15 games,” he added. “But it is getting that edge, in getting the ball over the line.

“We have the reputation now of being a good side. And teams are looking at it thinking a draw at Boundary Park is a good result.”


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