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Danny and Weso on mend for cup date

Date published: 02 January 2014

DANNY Philliskirk is in line to feature at Liverpool - and there could also be a return for masked James Wesolowski.

Top scorer Philliskirk has been struggling with strained knee ligaments, but after not quite making yesterday’s Shrewsbury game, he could return to give much-needed technical knowhow up front.

Reds fan Wesolowski, part of the line-up which saw off Brendan Rodgers’ men at Boundary Park last season, will be checked in the lead-up to the game.

A special mask has been made to protect his fractured cheekbone. Johnson says he will “possibly” be able to bring in one player on loan for the Liverpool game.

“You are always looking at the market to improve and that would be the same even if we were top of the league,” he added. “We have to go forward and continue doing the right things, hoping the quality comes and the luck turns.”

Matteo Lanzoni departed the club prior to the Shrewsbury game after turning down the offer of a long-term contract.

Chris Sutherland has left Athletic after his six-month deal expired, Ellis Plummer’s loan from Manchester City has ended, as has Wade Joyce’s from Barnsley.

Paul Rachubka, who has been offered fresh terms, reaches the end of his current deal after the Liverpool game.


So including racuhbka and Montana that's 6 players gone.Why when we are hovering over relegation are we talking about only bringing in 1 player and that being a loan? What's goin on plus I bet mountanos wage was big.Not good enough other div 1 clubs have signed players already we are again slow off the blocks.

we have to many players not up to the job, the youngsters who promised so much but have delivered very little apart from tarky, time to get rid and free up some cash for some more aggressive players who are ready to battle.

Never mind for the Liverpool game, couldn't care less to be honest.
I'd rather they get themselves sorted out first for the league instead of rushing back for a game which essentially is a glamour tie for us, and risking compounding their injuries.

forget it.
save them for the next league game.
If we continue in this form our new stand will welcome L2 to BP.

Welcome back lads, we could have done with you on Wednesday, we missed that bite in midfield and someone to put the ball in the net.

spdij666... I made the same comment as you have just made after the Colchester game.No need to name individuals but all I can see is at best Conference standards from some of them and that is the standard that they will achieve.Should have let them go during the Summer.They are no longer kids but young men who should be reaching their peak.Just compare them with Petrasso or Clarke Harris who are both only 18yrs.


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