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Itís just not going our way Ė Johnson

Reporter: Matthew Chambers
Date online: 02 January 2014

LEE Johnson blamed bad luck and a lack of quality as Athletic fell to a 2-1 defeat by Shrewsbury.

The result — if not the performance — meant Johnson was left to reflect on his toughest period in management as Athletic were pulled into the relegation picture.

“You can talk about performances until you are blue in the face,” said Johnson. “But I didn’t think this was that bad. We had some very good chances, some serious waves of attack, the lion’s share of possession — and none of the luck.

“We had some really good opportunities and had you watched the highlights you would wonder how we had lost and they had won. That is the luck we are getting at the moment.

“It’s a disappointing result. What can you do now but try to bounce back — after two very good performances?”

Both goals conceded were as a result of defensive mistakes and though Athletic came close to scoring several times, individual errors were the crucial factor.

“I don’t know why we keep making these silly mistakes,” Johnson added. “It is not even tactical. It is individual errors and very disappointing for me, because it’s something you can’t legislate for.”

Athletic now concentrate on the big trip to Anfield. Around 5,755 Athletic fans will make the journey on Sunday.

Understandably, Johnson wasn’t in the mood to focus on the game given that the Shrews loss made it six league matches without a win for Athletic.

He said: “We have got a lot to look forward to, but our bread and butter is the league.”


Nowt to do with luck, shrews had 2 chances and scored them both we had numerous chances and only scored 1 , thats it you make your own luck! Same every week, Man up lee and get it sorted.

Not good enough.I have counted 5 players plus poss rachubka leaving and we are talking about 1 loan signing!Montana was on a good wage so what going on? I am losing patience and lee the dickov book of excuses is appearing too much.other div 1 clubs have signed players eg tranmere so what's the truth.the city link has produced 2 poor players and nothing else so far.Not happy with relegation hovering again.

Simon Corney enough is Enough, we don't want to head into league two. We now need a experience manager Lee is not experience ,sadly nothing against him.I just cant watch this anymore their was no buzz or anything we pay good money to watch this? Please understand that we are struggling and giving Lee a new deal is a bad idea look at the league form.

Stop blaming it all on bad luck, we are were we are in the league because the results don't lie. In this division we need some physical presence, not a team of dwarfs. Yet again we had no presence or leadership in midfield and no outlet up front. Shrewsbury were poor but in Tom Eaves had the difference. Unless we get some bigger players in we will continue to be pushed around and dominated by other so called inferior teams. Change things now or be relegated. See you all at Liverpool

Typical reaction from some professional??? footballers just prior to a top level Cup match.

No one wanted to make the effort so avoiding getting injured.

Sadly this has happened too many times this season, a season filled at last with great hope of success under the guidance of a potentially great Manager, but he's now being threatened by the failure of his selected players.

On this form we should get slaughtered at Anfield, however we could pull off another shock, back to my medication now!

clueless club, clueless management team, clueless players. baffled why they are building this new stand when clearly this team cant fill a three sided stadium let alone the four sided one, think the word white elephant spring to mind regards the new stand, does the club think build it and they will come [i think not]

How many clangers does Oxley have to do to get dropped?, and Millar a striker?.....never in a million years!!, I could have brought my granddad and he would have been a lot quicker than Millar to react and he is 83.

So, Johnson seems to think that defensive mistakes which cost Latics the game were just bad luck ???

No, it's because the team are not good enough.

Yes, they might have created umpteen chances and had the majority of possession, but part of the game is also to prevent the opposition from scoring.

I've not seen a game before this season where so many of the passes went astray. This then led to too many long balls up field to Rooney. As much as Smith does, we lack something dynamic in midfield. Johnson is right, the league is the priority, we will get over being beaten by the likes of Liverpool, but we will not recover from relegation.

Keep looking at league table for oldham over years since good days 90s /managers weve had many gone on to better things /warnock springs to mind dowie /all could do nothing here .when went up 2 old div 1 18000 fans every week/what a manager joe was/i used to go old 4th division open end rochdale road in the 60s/didnt have 4 stands then at least oldham tinker you will be dry if happens crowds stay away now and how many will be there if relegated /luton were a big side once/fortress oldham no more

Sign Tom Eaves!

Scott, Ibby, give it a rest. He's not been in the job for 12 months yet. He's a rookie manager, he needs time. Royle took 4 years to be any good. Remember? What kind of experienced man do you want Ibby, Dave Penney? Brian Talbot? Ronnie Moore? Pack it in the pair of you.

There is a very simple reason why we have so much possession and so little to show for it in terms of goals. If you add up the league goals scored in the careers of McDonald,Rooney,Philliskirk & Clarke Harris (its 200) divide it by appearances (its 644) you get a percentage chance of 31% of each scoring per game - or put another way if you play three of them - you might get one goal - The stats in this case do not lie.

Mateo Lanzoni goes to Yeovil????????? .Now whats that all about i wonder?
He prefers to go to a bigger club than Oldham .I mean Yeovil!!!!!!!!! Where does that leave us then.We let yet another agent and player use us as a shop window at our expense, whilst he is injured we pay him.Then when he is fit off he goes.So much for loyalty.Fast getting tired of the whole football greedy mindset.

lsdandy - you are repeating all the things you said about Dickov.

Thank you for recognising I am consistent Ammy. If you're gonna go with a Rookie, you've got to back him. Paul Dickov is now plying his managerial trade at a higher level than us. For all his faults - and there were many - he obviously did something right as he got a 'better' job. So, lets back LJ and see where he takes us....!


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