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Anton part of a team with great spirit - says his dad

Date published: 06 January 2014

LIVERPOOL manager Brendan Rodgers gave his son Anton a smacker on the side of the cheek after the third-round clash — and then saluted Athletic’s character.

Midfield man Anton came on with seven minutes of the Anfield tie left and tasted the atmosphere his dad experiences all the time.

Brendan said: “Oldham is a brilliant club, where they really look after Anton well. They have an outstanding young manager in Lee Johnson, they have a young team with a great spirit. I have seen them a number of times and Anton is a part of that.

“It is a great moment in his career and as a father it is even more special that he also got a round applause from the Liverpool supporters.”

It was far from plain sailing for the hosts despte the 2-0 score. Lucas Leiva, Philippe Coutinho and 20–goal forward Luis Suarez were all summoned from the substitutes’ bench to seal their progress.


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