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Weso ready to ditch mask

Date published: 13 January 2014

MASKED marauder James Wesolowski hopes he can bin his headgear next week.

Weso has played the last two games in a special face guard to protect against damage to his fractured cheekbone.

“Once you are playing, the adrenaline kicks in and you forget you have got it on,” said the midfield man.

“It just adds that bit of extra protection. I will have to wear it for one or two more games then hopefully get rid of it.”

Wesolowski admitted it was a grind against Boro, but he believes that there are good enough players in the squad to see Athletic push up the league.

“It was a good day. We always knew it would be a difficult against Stevenage, who make it hard for you to play football,” he added.

“We ground it out after getting the early goal. In the second half, we didn’t play as well as we can do but the main thing is the three points which gets us away from the bottom end of the league.”


sign him up on long term deal.

Totally agree Ibby!

Ditch the mask after Saturday performance NO!!!
Footballers used to be superstitious, who knows he might be better with the blinkers or were they 3D glasses :-)

C'mon oldham

Yes agree with you on this one Ibby Wes is a player that should always be on the teamsheet (unless his form drops dramatically) .His workrate is outstanding and hes not shy of a tackle or two.


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