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Rooney staying put for now

Date online: 13 January 2014

ADAM Rooney will not be ushered out of the Latics squad in spite of clubs in Scotland chasing him, says Athletic manager Lee Johnson.

The 25-year-old summer capture was back on the subs bench during the 1-0 win over Stevenage. WIth only four goals in the league this season, speculation has surrounded the future of the former Inverness man.

Rooney has seen his prospect of getting a place in the side diminish further with the return of fellow forward Charlie MacDonald. But Johnson says he won’t be actively looking to farm out the Dublin-born player.

“There has been interest, but Roons is a good scorer and a good player,” said Johnson, who takes his side to Walsall tomorrow (7.45pm).

“I am not going to really open the door to him moving just yet. I want him to get his confidence back and settle down. If an offer comes in which is a better deal for him then of course you think about it — as we would for any of our players.

“If there is anyone in the world you want to do well it is Roons. He is such a good lad and such a good pro.”

One player who will be leaving Boundary Park in the near future is Mike Petrasso. The teenage winger is due back at his parent club QPR when his loan expires after Port Vale on Saturday.

The Canadian could return again, but the quality of his recent performances has made rival clubs take notice.

“We have to have a talk to QPR. I know a lot of clubs want to take him, but I think they trust the way we treat him,” Johnson said.

“He is enjoying himself here. They will assess him for a few days, maybe up to a week, then make a decision.”

Petrasso’s possible departure could open the door for an introduction for on-loan Rotherham man David Worrall, who is close to getting game-time as he continues the process of recovering from groin surgery.


Why are we holding on to this player he is bar far the biggest under performer at the club!, and what any one else see's in him is beyond, Let him go and free up wages for more deserving players and if we can get a fee for him the more the better.

Let him go and bring in someone more prolific.

Roons is good scorer?...I missed that bit lol, how many goals in open play?....and a good player? a ball boy does more work over 90 mins.

Because the guy who is the Manager, states and whats more KNOWS better than most armchair experts.

Any player coming in new to any club more often than not takes some time to settle and come good..LJ likes him.

Trouble with OAFC fans is we appear to have more than our fair share of some who appear to know better than the guy paid to handle the job.

Sadly OS and Chaddyender have to put you in the "Moaners Box" now.
Shame I thought you knew what you were talking about once or was it twice...!

From what i have seen of Rooney so far i have to say i am dissapointed.He has no pace and only wins a few headers during the entire game.I dont know what the answer is but things need to change quickly otherwise his days will be numbered im afraid.

Lets be honest L.J. Isn't going to express his disappointment in Rooneys performances publicly.
He might be a decent lad who trains hard and looks good in training kick abouts but he has not performed to the level of expectation we all had of him in preseason. If we can recoup some money I think he will go. The mystery is why it doesn't work out for Centre Forwards at Latics recently a few have left the club and prospered. Perhaps with 4 stands they will do better

It isn't working for the lad, let him go and get someone new in. Jake Cassidy on loan for example.

Latics Observer - what you say is patently ridiculous. If what you say were true, Dickov, being the manager, was always right and the fans who criticised him were always wrong. Didn't get him anywhere, did it?


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