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Johnsonís sights on major signing

Date online: 14 January 2014

LEE Johnson has his sights trained on an ambitious transfer to improve Athletic long-term.

The permanent target, whose identity is being kept under wraps, also has clubs in the Championship interested.

While admitting the swoop is ambitious, Athletic’s manager says mistakes made during a first season in management and his view of the league at close quarters have helped him an idea of what will be needed to push further up the division.

“I have a target I would like to bring in but it is difficult as there’s a lot of interest in him,” said Johnson, who recently confirmed the possibility of re-signing former loan left-back Joseph Mills from Burnley.

“I want to start building. Even now, I believe the lessons I have learned will help for next year.

“I want to take my time and make the right decisions, to woo transfer targets as we have to do - because inevitably they will be taking less money here in wages than elsewhere.”

While Athletic embarks on the tough job of winning at Walsall tonight, defender Cliff Byrne was today training with Ross County.

The former Scunthorpe defender has been told he can leave on a free transfer and he will spend a couple of days in Dingwall in the Scottish Highlands, with another SPL club also interested.

“It is a chance for Cliff, if he can nail something down, to go into a good league and show what he is about up there,” Johnson said.


hoping its a good signing and not a flop.

good luck to cliff.

I hope we stay up as I think LJ will be able to take us into top half next year.
we just need to stay up.lol

I hate these kinds of non stories ..... just tell us when you actually get the player ! The amount of times weve been linked to players only to end up dissapointed when they go elsewhere!

Jon Stead from Huddersfield ??

It's hard to know what's ambitious for Athletic these days.

Sounds like a parody for your very existence Pamster...!?!?

Totaly agree Combo....a player who LJ wont name, and who wont be interested in joining us if there are championship sides interested, might be the key to making us a better team (except we are already really good, just unlucky....most weeks). Might as well say we are interested in Ronaldo, but face stiff competition from Premiere league clubs!

The only source of factual information regarding signing of new players will come from the Official website if & when it happens, the rest through most aspects of the Media should be taken as nothing more than rumours.

We have the best new Manager in the entire football league, he hates losing, as do the players, slagging off him & indeed any of the playing staff by blog sites or these pages and similar, does nothing other than destroy players.

Moaning is destructive !

So by that statement LO your saying Matt Chambers made the whole thing up ? dont get me wrong i like LJ and all he has done/doing but i do not agree with names being mentioned before any of them sign up.


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