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Latics aiming to land ‘telling blow’

Date online: 17 January 2014

ATHLETIC boss Lee Johnson, who is gearing up for tomorrow’s clash at Port Vale, says his side must press home the advantage when they are in the ascendancy.

TOP, bottom or ninth-placed Port Vale — it doesn’t matter who Athletic play, they just need to focus on themselves says manager Lee Johnson.

His side heads to Vale Park tomorrow to take on a rival team with promotion ambitions.
It’s been a week of mixed fortunes for Athletic. They beat struggling Stevenage last weekend, before going down 1-0 at play-off contenders Walsall on Tuesday — where Latics missed a point when Adam Rooney saw his penalty kick saved in stoppage time.

Athletic remain 16th in the table, and Johnson wants more punch from his team now the season is more than half over.

“I’ve got a real sticking point in my head,” he said. “It doesn’t really matter who we play, whether it’s the top of the division or the bottom, they are all tough games. In lots of ways I don’t really see it as Brentford or Wolves being any tougher than Stevenage, it just has to be about what we do.

“We can play well, of course, but we’ve also got to finish — it’s as simple as that. If you’re not winning when you’re playing well, you could be in trouble.

“You just have to punch teams when you’re on top. If you don’t do it, you’re asking for trouble.”

Asked about the mood in the camp in the wake of Tuesday’s loss, Johnson said: “It was a result that was very demoralising, and I’m sure fans, players and everyone else have have been asking themselves what more could we have done? You have to dust yourself off and make sure you’re raring to go for the next game.”

Johnson is still busily working his way through a list of potential transfer targets.

Two unnamed Greek players are currently on trial, but asked about the chance of any imminent swoop, Johnson said he was just “waiting for the opportunity to strike”.


its a must win game on Saturday so badly its like a cu final.

johnson,s just waiting for the opportunity to just strike, unlike rooney then haha!!!!

Johnson said he was just “waiting for the opportunity to strike” - ironically thats the issue with the team; when we are dominating oponents we have a tendancy to want to walk the ball over the line, lots of great one touch stuff but our forwards get dragged out of the box so when we get an opportunity to put a good ball in theres noone to recieve it and we have to recycle it. Its not a new forward we need its a more direct approach.

good luck LJ and the boys.

we need more from around the park not just strikers other players need to chip in as well. No point in playing well and can't score goals we will never win anything, that's why we are struggling.

OMG !.Armchair Football Managers, Oldham Athletic with a fan base around 4000 must have the largest number of people who know better or are better qualified than the actual Manager to run the club.

Well said Brierley a POSITIVE at long last, put yourself in the REAL FANS SECTION, that makes 4 of us.

Good luck Lee, we know you are doing your best in your first season as a Manager, we genuinely appreciate it, even when the results are not going how you want them.

Some can't stop being negative.


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