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Och aye the Roo

Date online: 23 January 2014

ADAM Rooney’s impending departure has left a hole in Athletic’s strike force — and for the time being it looks like the the remaining strike crop will have to step up.

The Chronicle understands that Rooney (25) spent yesterday in talks with Aberdeen over a permanent switch. No fee is involved.

It means a return to the Scottish Premier League for the former Inverness striker only six months after his arrival at Boundary Park as a free agent on a two-year deal.

Rooney has scored seven goals for Athletic, only four of them in the league.

Neither Aberdeen nor Athletic are commenting publicly on the transfer as yet, but Rooney’s departure would be without acrimony as far as Lee Johnson is concerned: the feeling is that for whatever reason, the move simply hasn’t worked out.

Athletic’s management team — who were today looking at trial Blyth Spartans forward Dan Maguire — feel there is little alternative talent on the market.

For now that is likely to mean the existing strikers will need to start finding the net more frequently.

Jonson Clarke-Harris, Danny Philliskirk, Charlie MacDonald, Kirk Millar and Gary Harkins have managed only 10 league goals between them so far this season

SACKED Oldham winger Cristian Montano was having his appeal heard today.

The 22-year-old ex-West Ham player was dismissed in December for gross misconduct, after appearing in a secretly-filmed video apparently showing his involvement in a spot-fixing scam.

Montano, who denies being involved in spot-fixing opted to appeal against the club’s decision.


no fee for Rooney gutted but pleased he gone just not work out.

now get in proper goal scorer in.

Rooney arrived with a fanfare and has left with a whimper. He never showed any real passion and his lack of goals added to the frustation of the fans who were expecting much more. Lee Johnson has brought in Harkins & Worrall on loan whilst five others including Rooney have left the club, all these transfers occurring in the past three weeks. Surely this movement of players must enable the club to bring in a recognised striker plus the return of Mills at left back. Things ain't looking too good!

Why don't we try swapping him for Scotty Vernon at Aberdeen?

Whilst I am not sad to see Rooney go, I think you are extremely wide of the mark when saying he didn't show any effort, Caboroig. Rooney worked hard for the team but because he didn't score buckets of goals, certain sections are questioning his lack of stature or his lack of pace. He must have something about him to score the number of goals he did the first time around in Scotland.
Accrington Blue...would you really swap an outside chance of the Europa Cup to come to Boundary Park?

Rooney going to Aberdeen shows the quality of the Scottish Premier League. But apparently we have now a potential superstar from St Mirren, who, at 29, has done nothing in his career yet.

Couldn't help but reflect on some of our previous Scottish imports.
Jimmy Frizz, Bobby Johnstone, Jim Bowie, Tommy Bryceland ......
and then ... Arthur Thomson !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It does not matter about a fee he is off the wage bill so that in itself is like gaining a cash windfall.Hopefully we can now move on and bring in a striker that can hold the ball up and at least win a few headers and dare i say it score a few goals in the process? And ammy do you have anything positive to say about anyone ? Bitter !


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