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Johnson confirms Tarkowski interest

Reporter: Matthew Chambers
Date online: 27 January 2014

LEE Johnson has confirmed offers have been received for star defender James Tarkowski, but Johnson is still hopeful the club can fend them off.

Burnley are reported to be testing the water with a £250,000 bid, including a 10-per-cent sell-on clause.

And Athletic’s League One rivals Brentford are said to be ready to offer £300,000, with a potential extra £100,000 in add-ons for the 21-year-old.

Johnson said there are other clubs interested too: “There is no denying interest in James Tarkowski, as there is in a couple of our players. We have received a couple of bids for Tarkowski and some very strong interest as well. We will just have to see. Hopefully we won’t lose him.”


I hope he stay puts

Burnley & Brentford should be ashamed of themselves for offering such a pittance ! If Harry Maguire at Sheff utd is reported to be valued at £4million how is Tarky (in their eyes) worth peanuts ? Embarrassing !

If we even consider selling James Tarkowski for either of these ridiculous figures & indeed anything under £1m would in my opinion be gross mismanagement on behalf of the Chairman & Board of Directors of OAFC.

I can only see the public leaving the club in droves if it did anything as absolutely stupid as this, with a player who is not only established with the new OAFC under Lee Johnson, but a key player in getting us out of this division.

Hopefully to then compete against Burnley an the like.

Please please do not sell our best player for this pittance of an offer! Surely in todays Market, you would want at least a £1million plus sell on fees, add on's etc.
I know latics dont have much money and they need to seel players to survive but surely it has to be worth holding out for a decent bid? We need to sign him up though in the meantime to risk losing him for nothing.

IN TODAYS MARKET HE MUST BE WORTH AT LEAST 500K, sell on clauses are useless look at micah richards!!

If he was at M.K.Dons they would slap a £2m price tag on him and leave it to the prospective buyer to meet the mark. It works well for them!

To get better he still needs to keep playing if Latics decide to sell him we should insist he is loaned back for remainder of the season.

As with any offer its what Oldham value him at. Clubs would not make such bids if the message out of Oldham was that he is worth that amount. We have always undervalued our players regardless off ownership as its the owners that value the players as in cattle at a market. I hope he stays but as a young lad who is still learning his craft i have a feeling it will be for pastures new.

OAFC is a soft touch when it comes to transfer negotiations and to sell the much lauded(but still inexperienced)Tarkowski for anything less than seven figures would be foolish to say the least. Crewe regularly sell their young players for 1 million plus and in the decades I've watched the Latics I have not seen a better home grown defender. If Simon Corney lets him go for peanuts how could that be support for Lee Johnson? We desperately need a left sided defender, we cannot afford to sell yet.!

That would be ridiculous just like the Baxter fee we received.

We want at least a Million for tarky, he's a big lad with presence who has two good feet and is very comfortable on the ball and he'll only improve. Yes he makes mistakes but he's still very young. He has 18 months on his current deal so there isn't a rush to sell him. I'd accept the above bids if his contract expired this summer yes but not now!

Don't be weak Corney & co and finally get some real value for our prized asset.

What happened to all the 'supporters' who told us at the beginning of the season that Tarky was a no hoper and we desperately need a decent centre half ? Good job we have the manager we do, who knows and nurtures good talent ! At the end of the day, we can't hang on to him if he wants to pursue his career elsewhere, presumably on much more money. Just hope he signs an extension to his existing contract, at least then we might get a bit more for him.

If there was a deal even close he wouldn't have played on Saturday.

Let's wait and see what happens tomorrow night.

Burnley should be ashamed of their selves trying to get tarkwoski for peanuts, £250,000 plus a 10% sell on, are they having a laugh. He should not be sold for anything less than £1million and a 20% sell on clause or another player exchange. Burnley and Brentford can get lost with their silly offers and tarkwoski can go to a lot better club than those two clubs. He might as well stay with Oldham Athletic until the big boys come knocking because they will. Oldham fans will be sorry to see him go.

Well done Johnson you have given away our best defender on the cheap brilliant now we will let goals in for fun


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