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Strong words sparked fightback

Reporter: Matthew Chambers
Date online: 27 January 2014

HEATED half-time exchanges between the players were responsible for Athletic hitting the ground running in the second half against Peterborough.

Manager Lee Johnson revealed his men were at each other’s throats when they came in at the interval 3-0 down — and it was the desire to put right what had gone disastrously wrong that spurred the most dramatic of turnarounds.

“It was the first time we had seen a bit of internal aggression between the team and squad,” said Johnson. “To be so spiteful - as I was at half-time - for them to then go and produce that performance goes to show they really care — about the club, their own performance and me as manager.

“It’s the desire, the show of commitment that was needed. We were committed on the front foot in the

second half.

“We still gave the ball away. But the tempo was there and we were whipping in corners and crosses and people were bashing their opponents. I was proud of them.”

After signing a new three-year contract extension last week, Johnson was delighted to immediately give something special back to the town.

“We gave the fans some real entertainment. And the thing I have noticed about Oldham is that when the lads get going and give the town something to shout about, it lifts everyone.”


I was puzzled why Latics players were out so early and warming up, they were on the pitch before 4pm.
Conner Brown was the initial catalyst with a brilliant run across their back line which won the free kick and subsequent corner for the first goal.
This game will live with the fans who watched in disbelief as the game unfolded. Scoring 5 in one half was remarkable and it underlines the importance of getting bodies in the box in support of the strikers, all 5 goals were non-strikers!


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