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Learn from your errors Johnson

Date online: 28 January 2014

ATHLETIC must buck up their ideas in defence tonight if they are to have any hope of defeating Wolves.

Manager Lee Johnson also wants the aggressive attitude that boosted second-half play against Peterborough to shine again.

“We have to learn the lessons,” he said. “We were caught again with the second goal where there was a little block on the corner, which was disappointing.

“We need to start with that aggression from the second half. That’s the key against Wolves.”

Having been part of a defence that let in four goals against Peterborough, Johnson conceded defender James Tarkowski could be finding life difficult with constant speculation about his future.

“He will have plenty going on in his head,” Johnson said. “It’s hard to deal with.”

Third in the league, Wolves are expected to bring around 1,500 fans with them.


he has been effected hopefully he gets back on form.

definitely maybe?


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