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Date online: 29 January 2014

LEE Johnson doesn’t think James Tarkowski will be heading out of Boundary Park during this transfer window.

Despite confirming bids for the player, Johnson believes the 21-year-old centre back hasn’t done enough in front of scouts to make a transfer a reality.

“I don’t think it will happen,” said Johnson. “I don’t think he has played well enough for it to happen. That is just me being honest. At key points, where people have been watching him, he has had a bad game where he didn’t need to.

“I am pleased in a way, as I want to keep him – though on the other hand I want him to play well for us all the time. He did well against Wolves until he gave a stupid one away for their second goal.

“He is still young and until he has had 150 games, he’s not experienced enough to know what to do.”

Moves are in the offing to sign players before the deadline, Johnson cofirmed.

“I’m trying to bring one or two in,” he added. “Whether we will is another story, but we are certainly talking to a couple. One is a development player but could have an impact this season.”

As for last night’s contest, Johnson conceded Athletic’s hard work wasn’t enough to outgun their skilled opponents.

“I didn’t think it was a 3-0 game. We were well in it and chances were probably equal,” the manager said. “The difference was they were clinical and we weren’t.

“They are a massive side in this division, with a massive budget. The lads played with desire and tempo and quality. If we are more clinical we will be fine.”


Normal service is resumed!....' We were well in it and chances were probably equal' says Johnson.....what game were you watching?.....Wolves could have won 6-0 easy....look at the stats! Sick of hearing we were not clinical enough....do something about it you're the Manager.

disregarding the last 2 goals.the team played ok ,however once again the strikers failed to find the net,after watching latics for over 40 yrs ive seen many poor sets of strikers.this lot are amongst them,and every defeat the only differance as been the strikers

James Tarkowski is not good enough to play in the Championship yet.

@skay: Barcelona forward Lionel Messi is not for sale and the club plan to discuss a new contract with the Argentine, says president Josep Maria Bartomeu.

@ljohn......We don't need a striker that would set the world on fire!....just a descent striker for a third tier club like Latics.....How hard can it be?.....all Johnson gets is mediocre players and cast offs....not good enough!

Skay, your miserable nature is to be commended. The club only has a finite amount to spend on wages due to the league rules and out of that pot, LJ has to agree the wages for a full squad. At the start of 2013/14, a lot of people had high hopes for Rooney but it hasn't worked out. By the way, are Philliskirk, Smith and Kusunga mediocre?

I have 2 solutions:
1) Talk up some of the positives to your mates and get them down to BP to help the club.
2) STOP MOANING - it's better than under Dickov!!!

@mikejh45..You are completely delusional and blinkered!
No 1 there are no positives...look who they have just signed..a conference player in place of Rooney for starters
No 2 I don't think it's better than under Dickov..the table tells the story....for all the tippy tappy good football we probably have less points than we had under Dickov
The majority of posts on here are critical as we are REALISTS not head in the sand people like you which is why Latics only go backwards each season - wake up!

Well done skay, you really thought about that load of rubbish. I'm probably more of a realist than you,I can see BOTH good and bad points whereas you concentrate only on the bad.
I bet you are one those main stand moaners (sorry REALISTS) who grumbles the moment you hand your readies across the turnstile.
Solution nr 3: Don't go,it's obviously making you unhappy. You can save money and your stress level will go down.
Please tell me how your continually, inane nonsensical moans help the team?


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