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Wilson in as Tarkowski goes

Date published: 31 January 2014

ATHLETIC have made a transfer deadline day coup by snapping up 6ft 3in Welsh international centre-back James Wilson.

Cardiff-born Wilson (24) joins Athletic until the end of this season with an option to extend, having negotiated his release from rivals Bristol City.

Wilson began his Bristol career in 2006, and has since made 35 appearances for the Robins, scoring one League Cup goal.

He has taken in two separate loan spells at Brentford, while during the first half of this season he made four appearances for Cheltenham Town after a temporary move to Whaddon Road.

A former Wales under-21 international and under-19 skipper, Wilson made his senior bow last October when he was selected for the drawn World Cup qualifier in Belgium.

Meanwhile, Latics have confirmed that defender James Tarkowski has joined League One leaders Brentford for an undisclosed fee. Part of the deal involves Tarkowski returning to Boundary Park for a month once the loan window opens next week.


I await the usual clap-trap about how Latics are signing the cheap options and how they should be signing top-class players from the Premier League instead etc..

He'd already been released by Bristol City. But he's over 6 foot. Praise the Lord!

With serious regret here, I have to break my own rules regarding critical comments about anyone connected to my Home Town Club.

In my view, the sale of Tarky to another club in the same division as ourselves, is negative, backwards and very short sighted, showing absolutely that we've no ambition, AND no hope, of getting upto the next level or wanting to !

Letting down EVERY FAN connected to the Club, if Tarky wanted to go, so be it, if we've sold him for less than £750k we ARE TOTALLY daft.

Disgusted with Latics letting Tarky to leave for yet another 'UNDISCLOSED FEE' and according to Brentford Tarky is only coming back on Loan for one month and will be rejoining them for the rest of the season. Come on Simon tell us the truth If he as gone for less than £1,000,000 you have sold us supporters down the river yet again I'm sick of it and won,t be coming to any more games to watch the rubbish we have had to put up with

Coveted by prem teams but ends up at Brentford? The mind boggles, no wonder some fans are losing faith when ambition seems next to nil!!

An undisclosed fee! This is another 'giveaway' by OAFC and we get a Bristol City cast-off in his place, if I am correct they are at the bottome of L1, what a capture! Then we have the masterclass signings from non-league, ie. John Kissock, all 66 inches of him and Rhys Turner from Stockport who just about register above amateur league status. Ambition in the shape of Brentford leaves a nasty taste so all in all who is reponsible for this utter, utter shambles of a transfer policy. EMBARRASSING!

Latics Observer...well said!..I don't know why the fans continue to spend good money to support Latics who have absolutely no ambition and have blatantly LIED to the supporters regarding selling Tarkowski!....It was only a few days ago that Johnson said he wanted to keep him.
They will not even tell their supporters what they sold him for..Always an 'Undisclosed' fee.
And have signed another 'Journeyman' who has scored only 1 league Cup goal in 35 outings.Latics deserve to go down - no ambition!

Apparently he was sold for £350k

Over the last 12 months we have got rid of 3 of our best players and who've we go in no one good enoff to fill the gaps. The clubs heading the right direction to div 2. I think after 45 yrs as a supporter im thinking of not going to any more matches. im not spending money to watch rubbish week in week out

Joseph Mills has gone to Shrewsbury on loan for the rest of the season. Why could he have not come to Oldham fron the rest of the season????

It appears that the latest transfer ambitions of OAFC have really got the fans baying for blood. Shrewsbury, Carlisle and Coventry have all added to their squads with players from the Premier League and the Championship and no doubt by the end of this transfer deadline day other L1 clubs will have done the same. OAFC are in a relegation battle alright ad these latest transactions will definitely not help the cause. The Peterborough game already seem light years ago, WHO IS RESPONSIBLE??????

I am hearing 150k plus added 100k dependent on brentford achieving promotion. brentford website states he is coming back for 1 month then will become part of brentfords plans for the run in

laughing stock of the league hush hush undisclosed fee again aka baxter,loan player from macclesfield who as been sitting on the bench..a defender from guisley town,a 18 yr old from stockport ,,,complete joke corney did a good job at oldham but he is after as much money back fast & as soon as the new stand is up will leave,.,,simple...keep the faith ive had enough...

I think those who think simon corney can walk on water i think should think again. This is a guy who can sell players on the cheap or not even read the rule book and let them go for nothing (chris porter) and baxter was surplus to requirements. This is a guy who as lost 25% of the crowd, they play the football in a crap ground, and of course as bad judgement in picking some managers, the present one looks ok at the moment considering what he as to work with.

Insulting deal, to loan Tarky back from Brentford besmirches the history and tradition of the club. Liverpool keen at one point, Burnley? You are lying to the fans. All undisclosed, whoever has instigated this farce needs to come out and explain what's gone on. Absolutely pathetic Latics.

What the point in building a new stand it will be empty as the quality of the players and signings are again poor.

Some of the comments on here are unbelievable. Every club is a selling club - well maybe not Real Madrid. Every player has his price and if Tarky's price has been met then that's fine by me. Not sure who some of the people on here think they're supporting but it sure isn't Latics.

Like Observer, I hate to be critical although I do often raise questions about certain selections when there appears to be blinkered favouritism, but letting Tarky go to another club in the same division is beyond belief. Other local rivals a league up -eg Burnley and Huddersfield, fair enough BUT BRENTFORD ???? !!!!

Think you Latics fans are getting carried away thinking that he is worth a million pounds !!

tarky has only had 20 good games so any money for him is good. as for worth a million. lol
yes he will progress but hey ho thats footy for you

A MESSAGE FOR skay...."I dont know why the fans continue to spend" etc etc .You obviously dont then.So what is your agenda.We have and always will be a selling club like the majority of small town teams.All is not well but there are still plenty in a much worse state than ours with larger finances.We are no bigger a club than Wrexam,Luton,Grimsby etc....look where they are.

I've never rated Tarky as much as what has been written about him and he simply does not want to play for this club however as for having him back on loan is a non starter for me. There does seem to be more in this transfer than the club are letting on, maybe the finances are a bit of a concern!

Like everyone else i am gutted at Tarky leaving,but please dont be critical of SC he is having to dip into his pocket every week to keep us afloat so obviously he has to accept any decent offer for any of our players,this is a time when SC needs help,maybe from Marwan Koukash?or any other investor, the town is crying out for a succesful Oldham
athletic so is there anyone out there who would be willing to take a gamble and help out SC

This club continues its tradition as being the most farcical club in the football league, and the most poorly run and Mr Corney moans about his losses each year how the hell can he complain, when he really never gives the poor supporters the incentive to want to watch the club. As for Failsworthian comments do not be to critical he deserves all he gets, and he knew his options when he bought the club so has no place to moan himself.

OAFC... I am entitled to my opinion just like you and as you will see the vast majority of the comments on here about the goings on at Latics are highly critical.

Skay....change your name to "miserable of Oldham"...much more apt and saves confusion. Oh....before I forget.....WE BEAT SWINDON!!!

The majority of fees paid on deadline day were 'undisclosed', even the top ones. This isn't something that's unique to Latics, so get over it.

I also see that we kept a clean sheet on Saturday, so how about a bit of praise for Johnson and the makeshift back four?

Tarky's form has been terrible of late! why bother getting him back, the 2 centre halves that was in on 1/02/12 played solid! The squad needed more players, so we might as well sell a player that is wanted and is under performing! Tarky's improvement whilst being at Oldham has been great and he has been a good player but we are short of players. If selling him provides Oldham with the players to take us clear of the relegation zone then it was good business, hopefully we have 10% sell on clause

I have never heard so much negativity and clap trap posted by so called fans ! Do you know who we are and where we are ? We are not a big club anymore and will have to sell when players are wanted by richer clubs ! As for writing off players before they have even had a chance to kick a ball just shows your ignorance ! Typical moaners ! LJ and SC cant seem to do right for doing wrong, you moan that we need players and when new signings are made you moan at that! Give the new lads a chance!


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