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Tarky talks over Latics loan return

Date online: 03 February 2014

JAMES Tarkowski could be back in an Athletic shirt for the rest of the season — despite his deadline-day move to Brentford.

Manager Lee Johnson — who revealed the club turned down two big-money bids for captain Korey Smith — will sit down with the 21-year-old defender tomorrow to discuss a proposed return to Boundary Park.

Tarkowski could officially return when the emergency loan window reopens on Friday, in time to play Bristol City on Saturday.

Provided Brentford don’t suffer injuries and need him back, he should remain at Boundary Park for the full 93 days allowed, taking him beyond the final-day home clash with Notts County on May 3.

Athletic says the fee for Tarkowski - officially undisclosed - is far more than the £150,000 reported in some papers last week. Part of the fee is thought to be dependent on Brentford moving up to the Championship. A sell-on clause has been incorporated, Lee Johnson has confirmed.

“I have to have a chat with Tarky,” said Johnson of tomorrow’s meeting with the home-grown defender.

“Their manager (Mark Warburton of Brentford) has said there is a gentleman’s agreement to bring him back here and they are happy with that - bearing in mind the work we do on coaching.

“I have read a few things and can understand why people would question the figure. I will let the chairman explain, but it certainly wasn’t as low as has been touted.

“It is very hard to stop someone progressing in their career. Brentford are going places and are chucking a lot of money at it. I know some people see it as asset-stripping - but I turned down a massive bid for Korey Smith.”

Director Barry Owen, commenting on Tarkowski’s move, told the Chronicle today the transfer was advantageous for both parties.

“The player wanted to advance and we have never stood in the way,” said Owen. “The offer was on the table and it was a good one for us and for the player.”


CH pair did well v Swindon - leave them be. Thanks Tarky but you have a new club now. 6 pts from 9 - well done Latics.There is far more right than wrong with what LJ's doing. I remain positive & believe there is a real platform developing for future success. Everyone has the right to have their say - I just wish some of it was more constructive & supportive. My mates laugh at the sheer negativity that appears on here sometimes. LJ is a good young manager & I have real hope for the future. KTF

thanks tarki,welcome wilson and lockwood.2 men in a mans position ,tarki was a prospect these new ones are proven defenders.stead has an exellant record in div 1 and once again experianced at playing up front .and someone who can win headers.i am pleased with lj signings

If he didn't want to stay here then why is he being allowed to come back ? Let the lads that will be our future play and and help us move away from the drop zone. He is and always has been over-rated for me. I wish him well as he is still a young kid but I just can't see him being back at the club having a positive effect at all. LEE JOHNSONS BLUE AND WHITE ARMY.

Tarky is a nice lad and it is obvious he had an input into this situation. Respect!

LJ has a difficult decision come Saturday :o? its not easy changing a defence after a clean sheet. LJ has shown he isn't afraid of making unpopular decisions.

Tarky doesn't deserve to come back on loan never mind straight back into the squad, he was offered a new contract which he turned down, that alone goes to prove his heart isn't with Latics, give the lads we brought in or the lads on the fringe the chance, I'm sure they would wear the shirt with pride.

If we were offered decent money for Smith why did? we not sell him?

Don't need him back at the club he's left just leave it at that

why have him back! he is no longer an Oldham player, and the Centre halves who were in on Saturday put in a solid performance. We want two centre halves to jell and form a partnership for the long term so that next year we have two guys who have played half a season together. If tarky is coming back he should be benched and be providing cover for our long term players

Sorry, pardon. Did I read it right? Johnson turned down big money bids for Smith? Speechless.

Some of the stuff written on Twitter about Tarkowski beggars belief. Fans are forgetting that there are massive financial constraints happening now as opposed to previously. The first and the biggest by a mile is the new stand which has to be financed. The second is the cut in tv revenues, the third is the dropping fan base. SC and LJ are working miracles and I'm very optimistic about the new signings, I think LJ still has lots to learn but I'm sure he will learn, and fast.

Daz13....I think the fact that Smith wasn't sold shows how important he is to LJ and his future plans. He knew that replacements could easily be found that could fill the defensive gaps (but not necessarily the offensive)of Tarkowski but players of Smith's standard and quality are very rare at our level. Well done LJ on your teambuilding so far and well done SC for backing your manager's judgement.

Mike. Smith adds nothing whatsoever to my team, he can only pass sideways or backwards and never dreams of venturing forward, his goal ratio of 0 league goals in almost 100 games speaks for itself. I would expect my keeper to get more than that. The fact our manager who has so far the worst record ever rates him highly also speaks for itself. I assure you and others that I'm not all doom and gloom but honest and truthful, and watch each game with my heart on my sleeve and my eyes wide open

@Daz... The mists of time seem to be clouding your views Win percentages with Latics... Joe Royle 37.01% Dave Penney 27.01% Neil Warnock 39.13% Paul Dickov 30.5% .................Lee Johnson 36 .73% Which makes him better than Dickov and Penney and almost as good as Joe Royle.

dempsey - except, of course, Royle never managed Latics in the third tier (except the temporary stint after Sheridan).


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