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Johnson eyes race to 50-pt safety zone

Reporter: Simon Smedley
Date online: 03 March 2014

LEE Johnson is still at least 12 points shy of his league safety target — but the Athletic boss drew plenty of encouragement from the battling effort at Tranmere Rovers.

Johnson’s side enjoyed the better of a 2-2 draw at Prenton Park — a result which leaves them in 14th place in the table, though still only three points clear of Crewe in the final relegation spot.

Two home games are next for Athletic: Preston on Saturday and Rotherham on Tuesday week. Still the talk is focused on progress, with Johnson warning opposition teams his players will prove tough nuts to crack in their final 12 games of the season.

Johnson said: “It’s about reaching the 50-point mark as quickly as possible, and then we can start planning and thinking about things for next year, hopefully.

‘We need to continue that progression route we’re all determined to follow. Initially we all had high hopes at the start of the season, but that’s not quite panned out. We’re still looking higher in the table, though.

“Some people might panic because the table is looking a bit unorthodox at the moment, but people have to be careful not to write us off. In any game at this level we’ve always got the quality that can win games.”


have to get points quickly its been up and down season.


As far as I can see we only showed that real desire to go and chase a game once this season.

That came after we were 3-0 to Peterborough and we utterly penned them in.

Where has that desire been ever since?

Tough fixtures coming up now, so put your money where your mouth is Johnson.

Not a single Latics fan wants relegation and as attendances have shown, most Latics fans have basically left the club after what is again turning out to be just short of a none event.
It's all very sad and I'm sure that everyone including LJ would have wished for a better season, but we're back to the same state as the last 3 seasons under previous Managers, with the lack of strike power all round.

Understandable when we've disposed of Rooney, Montano, Schmeltz, Petrasso, Lanzoni and others.

Poor signings during the window, most of whom will not contribute one iota to the current fight we find ourselves in. Performances not good enough, especially the forwards. Notts County have just signed Nathan Tyson on loan from Blackpool, why can't we get someone like him instead of bringing in bit part non-league players? Utterly ridiculous. It will be hard to beat relegation this time round.


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