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Lockwood determined to push Latics on

Date published: 04 March 2014

ADAM Lockwood would love to keep his place in an Athletic team he believes can “go places”.

The 32-year-old former Yeovil, Doncaster and Bury defender joined Athletic at the turn of the year on a deal until the end of this season following his release from Bury.

Manager Lee Johnson’s former team-mate made his debut as a substitute against Wolves on January 28, but since then he has started at the heart of the defence in Athletic’s last six games.

Those matches have seen two wins, two draws and two narrow defeats.

Lockwood has impressed in those games and would like to keep the momentum going: “I’m really enjoying my run in the team, obviously. To be part of this club is an honour.

“The lads have been brilliant with me and I just want to keep playing as big a part as possible between now and the end of the season.

“I’ll let other people judge whether my performances have been good enough. I want to try to help the lads, while they’re helping me.

“I’ve been around a long time so I’ve got the experience, but football is always going to be a learning game however old you are.

“If we all keep doing that, working together - which is the general ethos under the gaffer – then hopefully we’ll go places.”


iv endured seventeen years of players telling me how we are on the brink of something special or about to go places. we will be going no where unless we pump in cash we don't have or unless we have a settled team for a few years to build on like orient. I had hoped the latter was lee johnsons ethos, and we looked like we had something to build on at the beginning of the season.......but 40 players later all I can hope for is safety and that next years mass intake are more ruthless

I wouldn't say his performances have been "impressive".
Since Wolves, as part of a unit.

Didn't see Swindon game.
2 games v MK, poor defending, a goal where no one attempted to tackle Carruthers & a gift to Mcleod in the next game.
Oxley saved us time & again v Gills, clearly they were getting through.
Bristol & Tranmere left completely unmarked in the 6 yard box, absolute gifts.
6 games, 7 conceded. 10 in 7.

Stop saying we're "going places" too, talk is cheap, show us on the pitch.

well done Adam a proper defender , our defence has been a lot better organised since your arrival , theres no substitute for experience

We can "go places" Adam. No doubt about that!!!

unless LJ stops messing with the team we are going nowhere. you cannot use 36 players and expect much. no more loan players just use the players we have and good or bad lets get some stability.

You know I have kept quiet most of the season, OK! we have lost most matches or drawn but the performances have been not brilliant but decent, but now I have got to say they are back to Dickov standards, the standard of football is poor at best, and seems no one has a clue never mind the manager!..and all we can recruit is players non league clubs do not want? or past their prime!...go back to my posts at the beginning of the season especially Latics Observer.

I was at the Swindon game. Lockwood was immense and the team played well. Too much negativity in these comments. Get behind LJ and the team. They need our support.

DARTH; when you say 'going nowhere unless 'we' pump in cash' I think you mean 'someone who doesn't know 'you', pumping in cash'. Where are 'they' going to pump this cash from - the Huddersfield canal? I agree not having a settled side has been a problem and I agree with OS that we have deteriorated from 'decent'. Johnson needs to address both these issues in order to move forward, as does the handsomely paid and experienced David Moyes who is able to pay ONE of his players £300,000 PER WEEK.

I have always supported any manager at the club, however clueless or poor they have been. 40 players in a season is ridiculous! No team can win or perform to a decent standard on a regular basis unless there is a backbone of around7 players and the rest swap and change to suit the game. I admit I am not a football manager or I have ever played football for a living, but history as repeated it self that teams that rotate struggle, Oldham dont just rotate they transform week in week out!

Also can LJ and the players stop talking to the press because everytime they do these days it rubbish! “go places”..yes Div 2 or further down maybe McNiven will be our next manager.
LJ used to say honest, rational things, however now it seems he just makes excuses and talks about bad luck or great performances that don't get what they deserve

MIKEYMIKE, "we" as in us as a club. As in "we" drew two all on Saturday. Also my comment clearly states "unless we pump in cash we don't have". I accept we have no money and I accept that on gates of 3000 we are not likely to ever have any. I was simply stating this as one of two strategies used by other clubs to achieve success.

DARTH; I am sorry you have ‘endured’ the last 17yrs and you are irritated by the repetitive upbeat statements from players and managers. It’s what they do, it’s no big deal. Heaven forbid we give them a truth serum before they opened their gobs. You’ve clarified you don’t want to borrow our way out of mediocrity. The Conference and L2 are stuffed with clubs who have passed through L1 in 17yrs. Portsmouth and Luton being the most high profile. It could be much worse.

MikeyMike. You appear to have confused the Rhetoric of my initial post. If you read it again, carefully, you may pick up on the fact that other than a tedious moan about football folk constantly spouting the same patronizing garbage, the main theme is a reality check for all on here who think we can afford to spend our way out of trouble on gates of 3000. It also points out the (imho)only alternative to "pumping in cash" which is build on a settled team over a few seasons. the orient way

DARTH; ok! Thanks for the debate, although I suspect 500 characters is not enough for either of us.


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